Mercury Trine Uranus

Mercury Trine Uranus Natal

This combination symbolizes an easy harmony with modern technology or gaining access to insider or occult information. Crossing the threshold into hidden or obscure areas happens almost without you knowing how and it may in fact be harder to extricate yourself from the weird and strange worlds to which you are naturally drawn than it is to get in. Once you have mastered the passage between the normal and arcane, you could easily become a teacher, or you may decide to keep the secrets and hire out as a consultant. It may at times seem necessary to remove yourself from the normal to immerse more completely in the exploration of the deeper mysteries, but too much seclusion should be avoided. Regular contact with the common people and their everyday realities are necessary to remain grounded and to keep from becoming lost or locked in one’s own crystal cave.

Mercury Trine Uranus Transit

This aspect suggests an easy opportunity to harmonize technology or specialized information within daily life. Access to new ideas or technology should be easily grasped and immediately integrated. This is a quick transit that comes around twice a year, but as soon as every six to seven years or more often at longer thirteen-year intervals, Mercury makes a series of three trines with the middle one occurring during its retrograde. This is a more significant transit that suggests adjustments to your ability to integrate modern technology or leading-edge information. If you have become out of step with the most current trends then you can easily return to the flow. Conversely, you may be able to easily conceive plans to effect or direct current trends toward your own new ideas or inventions in the longer term.

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