Your Weekly Horoscope for August 29–September 4, 2021: Upgrading Your Life & Finding Balance

August 29, 2021

As August comes to a close, we continue to immerse ourselves in the earthy wilderness of Virgo season. And your weekly horoscope for August 29 has all the scoop on how to handle the energy of the week ahead!

In the weeks ahead, we have an auspicious opportunity to assess how we establish our routines. Being overruled by pleasure or work is not how life should be balanced. Instead, in the weeks to come, we have the chance to create patterns that leave us feeling recharged rather than depleted. Also, as Virgo holds ties to global health, fitness, and diet, this would be an excellent period to cut out habits that do not serve our vitality. And with Mars continuing to power up this zodiac sign, we can truly make great strides on anything we set our minds upon.

On August 30, mental Mercury enters the zodiac sign of Libra. It will remain in this part of the sky for an extended stay—until November 5, 2021—because of a retrograde phase that begins on September 27 until October 18. The pre-shadow phase will begin to creep in on September 6, with the post-shadow reaching completion on November 2. Overall, Mercury enjoys his time in Libra because this planet vibrates so well with the logical air signs. During the period that our cosmic messenger is direct, we will be diplomatic, friendly, and rational in our one-on-one relationships.

Mercury enters Libra

Negotiations should go rather well, especially when we are aimed at fairness and justice to assure all parties are being taken care of. However, we may waver between decisions, as Mercury in Libra can be more indecisive. Yet, when the shadow and retrograde phase consume us, we will find a breakdown in our communications occurs—especially within negotiations and partnerships. Keep your antennae up in the weeks ahead to anticipate what you’ll be reviewing in October.

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September 1 starts off with a rather murky planetary influence. As with all Mars aspects, it will be felt for days preceding it as well as after, like a fiery stallion burning a track across the sky. This week, Mars will oppose Neptune. A discouraged, weakened energy will be felt, as Neptune depletes our bodies, minds, and spirits. We will not feel confident, attractive, or competitive, as disappointment may shock us and send us plummeting. It’s better to lie low, so we do not put ourselves in the line of fire of embarrassment or scandal. It’s better to practice absolute caution, as we may be prone to deception—by others or ourselves. Above all, do not put yourself in any risky situations and thread with care.

Luckily, the week ends in a more favorable place as Mercury in Libra will trine Saturn in Aquarius. Our minds should be clear and logical, as we sort out the details of our lives. We can tackle hard mental work at this time as well as practice common sense—especially in regards to our relationships and social connections. Use this energy to make long-term plans and you’ll feel that they have been set on sturdy ground.

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Major Transits of the Week

8/30 — Mercury enters Libra

9/1 — Mars in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces

9/4 — Mercury in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius

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Your Weekly Horoscope for August 29


Mercury will “follow the leader” into your solar seventh house with Venus this week, Aries. This means that in the weeks ahead, you’ll have a major focus on communicating clearly and articulately in all of your partnerships.


With Mercury joining Venus in your solar sixth house, you’ll see a tremendous surge of productivity, Taurus. You’ll become extremely busy on the job, likely focused on communications-related endeavors for your employer.


Your planetary ruler, Mercury, darts onward into your solar fifth house this week, Gemini. This is the beginning of a longer transit because a month from now, it will go retrograde, helping you to review all romantic and creative communications.


Your mind will be especially focused on domestic, real estate, or family matters in the many weeks ahead, Cancer. Mental Mercury enters this sphere this week but will begin to slow down, causing hiccups down the line.


Prepare for an edge in all communications-related projects, such as writing, speaking, advertising, or social media initiatives, Leo. Mercury will enter into this sector this week to remain until November.


Financial matters will be extremely important for you to focus on from now until November, Virgo. Your planetary ruler, Mercury, enters your solar second house this week—but will begin a retrograde phase a month from now. Tidy up all matters as soon as you can.

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Mental Mercury joins Venus in your zodiac sign this week, Libra. This will bring you a surge of activity and a laser focus on how you communicate with others—especially partners. You’ll harbor our cosmic messenger here within you until November.


Prepare for your subconscious mind to become especially active in the next two months, Scorpio. Mercury enters the most hidden and private place of your chart this week to remain until November. Listen to your dreams and intuition.


Invitations and messages from dearly beloved friends and acquaintances will fill your inbox this week, Sagittarius, as Mercury adds fuel to your solar eleventh house of communities.


Your weekly horoscope for August 29 assures you that professional matters will become extremely important in the months ahead, Capricorn—even more so than usual! Chatty Mercury begins to orbit in your solar tenth house this week to remain until November!


Stepping out of your comfort zone will become especially important to you in the coming two months, Aquarius. Mercury will bolt into your solar ninth house this week and will encourage you to truly examine your philosophies and beliefs.


Negotiating in your relationships will be a top priority for you in the coming two months, Pisces. With Mercury booking an extended trip to your solar eighth house this week, you’ll have a lot of time to discuss the give and take in your significant partnerships.