Mars opposite Neptune

Mars Opposite Neptune Natal

Much of your life seems like scenes from a spy movie. There's always some intrigue and espionage, and you must keep an eye out for any and all foes. But perhaps the one enemy you rarely see coming is yourself. This perspective, at its worst, might seem like you're perpetually paranoid. Yet, that's not often the case. What's usually truer is how you relish cloaking your own intentions from others, even when you only have the best in mind, for yourself or others. You fear they won't fully understand your plans. Or that they'll somehow foil what you're attempting to do before you can get anything off the ground. This is how you find yourself at odds with others. In turn, this wears on your own spirit and eventually your own body. Best to believe in the nobility of your intentions and learn when to divulge them at the right moment rather than thinking no moment is ever good enough.  

Mars Opposite Neptune Transit

Your boundaries likely aren't very strong now, and you're just as impressionable as you try to impress yourself upon others. Physically, this suggests that you're more prone to infections and fatigue than usual. This might be especially true when you try to go head to head with others over some issue. It's not that you shouldn't stand up for yourself now. But what or who you're defending or attacking aren't as they appear to be. They could be outright deceiving or misleading you. And you're draining your energy needlessly. Or you're not entirely confident about yourself and your own beliefs to take up the fight now. You might feel the need to push through the fear, but this isn't wise. You're not letting fear win, though. Work on yourself and your plans behind the scenes until you're ready to do more. Then, at the right time, you'll not only be stronger but be clearer on all that's happening within and without.

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