Weekly Horoscope: February 21–February 27, 2021

February 20, 2021

As we move toward March, the more pleasant astrological aspects begin to rain down on us. As if the heavens are parting to reveal the jewels in the sky, we shall experience a more delightful week, one where we not only focus on our ambitions, but also open ourselves up to pleasure. Look up and feel the Universe’s embrace and encouragement to move forward. While we are still in the post-shadow of the Mercury retrograde phase for a couple of weeks ahead, the pace of life is certainly picking up. Also, this is an especially auspicious time to launch new things, begin projects, and start relationships, as the planets will all be direct until April 27. Carpe diem!

The first major aspect of the week will take place on the twenty-fourth, as sizzling Mars in Taurus tosses a golden chain across the sky to powerhouse Pluto in Capricorn. As with all Mars transits, there is a long string of days this energy will likely be felt leading up to it as well as after. Mars is like that comet in the sky, soaring with a blazing tail. Prepare to feel assertive and confident, while still maintaining an easy path toward your plans. Harness this goal-directed energy and launch toward your greatest ambitions.

Some individuals may be asked to step into power at this time, as this is a transit that highlights leadership. Personal relationships can also improve because of this feisty energy! Not only will one be able to wield power and influence more readily, but this can also draw others magnetically to you. Passions will be intensified, which can unite individuals intimately or sexually.

On the twenty-fifth, radiant goddess Venus will swim among the reefs of Pisces for the weeks ahead. This is a truly magical moment, as this is where she is exalted and can give her most luxurious and abundant blessings. This will increase creativity, sensuality, and romance exponentially! Soulmate connections could be around every corner, as Venus spins her web of light and attraction. Whether single or attached, make your heart’s desires a top priority!

The Pisces sun will align in a harmonious sextile with electric Uranus on the twenty-fifth as well. Get ready for surprises and vibrant interactions! The pace of life will quicken and you may become encouraged to try something new and exciting. Flashes of insight and creativity are also quite likely, so don’t sit back in your comfort zone. Be courageous and inventive!

As we draw toward the twenty-seventh, a full moon in Virgo will shimmer across the clouds and dance up into the night. This lunation will be felt for a few days before and after and culminate matters that you have been building over the last six months. Full moons bring turning points, awakenings, achievements, or endings that are often quite emotional. This particular lunation will help you to assess your productivity and how you are establishing your work-life routine. Harness this energy to get ready for spring-cleaning.

Major Transits of the Week

2/24 — Mars in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn

2/25 — Venus enters Pisces

2/25 — Sun in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus

2/27 — Full Moon in Virgo


The week will end with a full moon in your solar sixth house of productivity, Ares. This could see you polishing off a major project for your employer, ending a work project, or starting a new one. This may also bring your attention to a health-related matter.


Romance, fertility, and creativity are top priorities for you as soon as the full moon arrives this week, Taurus. This lunation will spotlight your solar fifth house and get you in the mood to experience the greatest pleasures of the heart.


The full moon this week will cause you to be quite emotional, Gemini. You tend to get in your head and the past will be coming back to you now. Prepare to deal with an important family or domestic situation.


As the full moon of the twenty-seventh rises within the night, you’ll likely be focused on an important communications-related matter, Cancer. This could be finishing off a significant writing, speaking, or contractual project.


Money is likely to be on its way to you, Leo. With the full moon on the twenty-seventh highlighting your solar second house of finances, you could see a large check come in, a raise suddenly being offered, or instead, handling a sudden expense.


The full moon in your zodiac sign this week is spotlighting you above all others, Virgo. Use this limelight to move the checker pieces of your life where you’d like to put them.


Rest, recharge, and lie low this week, Libra. As the full moon begins to grow around the twenty-seventh, you will feel burnt out and need solitude.


Light off the fireworks, Scorpio! The full moon this week will have you seeing stars! You may suddenly decide to spend some time with a friend or attend an important event—even if it’s just digital.


Get ready for a resounding triumph this week, Sagittarius. The full moon should bring a milestone achievement for you this year, whether that is a promotion, recognition, or opportunity.


The full moon this week is encouraging you to open yourself up to new prospects and opportunities, Capricorn. Life doesn’t change if you’re always inside of your shell.


Intimate concerns will dominate your thoughts this week, Aquarius. The full moon highlights your solar eighth house and could see you facing the truth about how well your needs are being met.


Relationships take center stage this week, Pisces. Get ready to make a choice about a certain partnership. It is up to you if you stay and grow or turn and go.

Art by Paulina Gałka