Venus in Pisces Brings Tenderness to Your Relationships

February 23, 2021

Venus in Pisces Dates: February 25 to March 21

On February 25 at 5:11 a.m. Pacific Time, Venus—the planet of romance, glamour, finances, art, and pleasure—finishes her transit through rebellious and detached Aquarius to enter the mutable, water sign of Pisces.

Having an easier time in some signs and challenged in others, Venus transits show us how we express our love, as well as values. Luckily for us, Venus is exalted in Pisces, making her the honorable guest hosted by benefic Jupiter, the traditional planetary ruler of this sign. In other words, Venus LOVES to swim in the cooling, sweet waters of Pisces. Here, the goddess’ power is amplified, blessing the collective with her love vibrations on a massive scale.

Venus in Pisces Meaning

During this time, our relationships strive to become more spiritually connected and we yearn to find purpose and meaning in our partnerships. Sensitive and emotional Pisces can also teach us a great deal about empathy, so if you start to feel an overwhelming sensation of compassion towards humanity in general, you can blame Venus in Pisces! Vulnerability is celebrated and encouraged now. Hopeless romantics will feel right at home here and even the hardest of hearts can soften while Venus floats through the sign of the Fish.

When Venus is in the Jupiter-ruled sign of Pisces, we are more able to access our optimism and hope around our most tender heart-related matters. Pisces energy brings a frequency of lightness, expansion, and ego dissolution. If you are partnered, it’s a wonderful time to be in love or re-kindle the romance.

This transit can inspire feelings of closeness and intimacy with your partner, as well as the feeling of “oneness.” Emotional connections can grow deeper, and you may even be tempted to transcend your earthly duties in favor of staying in La-La land, lost in the eyes of your lover. It’s a shame Valentine’s Day doesn’t happen during Venus in Pisces, because under this planet-sign combo, the romance vibes hit level x1000!
If you’re single or dating, you may feel less inclined to hold strong barriers and may have a harder time keeping your walls up. If you’ve been wanting to show someone you care about them, this transit supports heightened emotional connection in your romantic pursuits. Tell them how you really feel!

Doing some work around forgiveness and compassion, whether for yourself or past relationships that didn’t work out is a great use of this energy as well. Consider this to be a period of purification—a great time to release any tension or resentment from the past. Take a bath with white rose petals, listen to 528Hz solfeggio frequencies, and visualize what you want to call in. Venus in Pisces wants you to find the love you deserve!

I Wish I Knew How to Quit You

The shadow side of Venus in Pisces can easily fall for fantasies and develop delusions in situations that may not be the best for us. Venus in Pisces might have you dissolving into something or someone that may not have the best interests at heart. As beautiful as it is to feel love and empathy for everyone, be sure to maintain your boundaries.

If you sense something is off, don’t ignore it. Giving your all while getting nothing in return is not what a healthy relationship looks like. If you need a reality check, ask your trusted friends and family for their perspectives. Piscean energy is the soft and tender parts of ourselves and not having a solid protective shield can lead us astray. Just be aware of manipulation, deception, or gaslighting around this time, as we can be easily taken advantage of for our kindness and generosity.

Since Venus also rules over beauty, our sartorial preferences take on a more ethereal quality. We’re more attracted to aesthetics that feel dreamy or heavenly and designs that feel fluffy and cherubic. Wear flowy fabrics, muted pastels, or shades of white to capture the essence of Venus in Pisces in your personal style.

The creative energy is also strong with Venus in Pisces, making it a wonderful time to dedicate to a creative project or practices like writing poetry or making music. Let yourself lose track of time and get lost in the sauce in devotion to your artistry.

In terms of financial matters, we might feel called to bestow more generosity onto others, like tipping extra, contributing to more mutual aid funds, or be on the receiving end of someone’s inspired benevolence. Be mindful not to overspend, as the Jupiterian influence can signify overindulgence in some way. Treat yourself and others, but also be sure to hold boundaries around spending!

Overall, this is a smooth Venus transit, with Venus making some harmonious aspects to the outer planets. On March 3, Venus in Pisces forms a sextile to Uranus in Taurus, inspiring a rush of excitement or inspiration in our relationships or creative projects. This could also signify an unexpected financial windfall or pleasant surprises in love. On March 13, Venus in Pisces makes a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces, giving us major heart eyes and activating a dreamy quality to the day. On March 18, Venus in Pisces forms a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, asking us to confront some of our deeper fears around love, ultimately bringing you closer to a partner.