Weekly Horoscope: February 28–March 6, 2021

February 28, 2021

As we move toward the conclusion of February, the planets begin to align in a more splendid pattern than any we have seen this year thus far. The full moon in Virgo, which had taken place on the twenty-seventh, will continue to echo for the first half of the new week we are now within. Full moons can be felt for days before and after, bringing important matters to culmination, resolution, and attention.

As this was a rather spectacular full moon, the heightened emotions and energy should not feel quite as erratic as we’ve become accustomed to. Another holdover from recent weeks will be mighty Mars finishing up his tour of Taurus, which began on January 6, 2021. He will continue to stampede through this sector of the sky until the third, so harness this drive toward your finances and goals until then. You needn’t complete matters, just start them, as Mars is the fuel to get us going and begin our most significant initiatives.

On March 3, the red planet will streak across the sky like a comet to enter the skies of Gemini until April 23. Fire needs oxygen to breathe and thus Mars will feel especially active and alert here. Our daily routines will pick up the pace and we may become more curious about the world and need a scenic change. Quick trips and journeys will become of special interest to us during this period and we will be open to new adventures. All mental and communication matters will become especially favored, as Mars in Gemini brings passion and enthusiasm to our minds. We will become eager to discuss our thoughts and begin dialogues about situations that interest us.
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Working on writing, speaking, advertising, branding, or academic projects will go well and can get off the ground rapidly. Focus on the most important messages within you now and set forth to broadcast them. Seek to start a podcast, work on creating that screenplay you always wished to, or update your resume. If you’d like to work on any proposals or presentations, you could also become quite persuasive. Lastly, contractual matters are likely to pop up now, so use your drive and determination to make sure that you get the best deal.

March 3 also carries a dazzling planetary aspect, as our beloved Venus in the seas of Pisces will link in a sextile with electric Uranus in the fields of Taurus. We will be craving excitement, spontaneity, and adrenaline when it comes to our personal lives. Trying something new when it comes to fashion, creativity, or romance will bring happy results. Singles should definitely plan a date with someone who peaks their interest, as it could bring the possibility of true love or even a shortcut to the bedroom!

March 4 brings the sparkling union of Mercury and Jupiter once again. This conjunction previously occurred on January 11 and February 14. This third and final time will carry the story forth and is occurring due to Mercury’s retrograde phase in recent weeks. Good news, optimism, and happy blessings are likely to come on this day. Schedule important meetings, send messages that you want luck on your side for, and seek to expand your mind.

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Major Transits of the Week 

3/3 — Mars enters Gemini

3/3 — Venus in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus 

3/4 — Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius


As your ruler, fiery Mars, darts onward into your solar third house this week, your mind will be lit on fire, Aries. In the weeks ahead, you will become deeply passionate about a writing, speaking, or communications-related project.


For weeks you’ve had the mighty power of Mars in your zodiac sign, fueling you with immense drive, Taurus. You will retain the crown of dominance until March 3, so use the energy to launch your most important initiatives prior to then.


Get ready to sizzle, Gemini! When mighty Mars charges onward into your zodiac sign beginning on the third, you will become unstoppable in the weeks ahead. Your energy levels will skyrocket, so move forward to tackle your most important goals.


When Mars begins to race through your solar twelfth house this week for the next month and a half, you’ll be highly focused on lying low, Cancer. Use this time to be productive on private affairs or work behind-the-scenes.


Stampede toward your most important professional goals prior to March 3, Leo. Mighty Mars only visits this sector once every two years so it is immensely important for you to set meetings, apply yourself, and launch initiatives now.


Mars will bring firepower to your professional tenth house for the weeks ahead, Virgo. You may see awards, accolades, and promotions rain down upon you or an opportunity to work toward your goals.
With Mars in a fellow air sign for the next month and a half, your magnetism and energy will grow, Libra. Feel the encouragement of the red planet as you plot out your most important strategies.


Mighty Mars has drawn attention to your partnerships for many weeks, Scorpio. If there are any last goals or plans you’d like to set into motion with a business or romantic partner, use the time prior to March 3.


As soon as mighty Mars turns a corner and stands across the sky from you, partnerships will once again be on your mind, Sagittarius. Now is the time to work with others rather than trying to fly solo.


For weeks, all Capricorns have had a special focus upon their romantic lives. Mighty Mars has given you an opportunity to heat up your existing union or else find someone new. Singles must use the time prior to March 3 to put themselves out there before the energy shifts.


The red planet, Mars, will race onward into your solar fifth house of true love this week, Aquarius. In the next month and a half, you could become especially passionate about your romantic life or use the energy to light your fire in the bedroom.


When Mars sizzles into your solar fourth house of domesticity this week for the month and a half ahead, you may begin important renovation or relocation matters.

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