March Forecast: Welcome to One of the Most Healing Months of 2021

March 1, 2021

After reading this headline, you must be thinking: “Finally, a nice month in the stars!” It’s true, the month ahead not only provides space for integrating all the change brought by the Aquarius stellium. It also offers us the opportunity to heal and reconnect with our own magic. Instead of challenging each other, the planets will actually be in friendly positions to one another. With a big emphasis on the emotional water sign of Pisces, the month of March will have us spending more than the usual time daydreaming, fantasizing, and practicing self-care.

As the month begins, the sun is in Pisces and the effects of Mercury’s direct turn and February’s Virgo full moon are still lingering, illuminating an issue and bringing clarity to a situation. Venus is also in Pisces, her sign of exultation, gifting us the best possible energy for pleasure and manifesting our biggest dreams for the next two weeks.

Things get even more fun when Mars enters Gemini on March 3, relaxing the stubborn and intense streak that it brought us during the time the planet of action was in Taurus. Mars will stay in Gemini during the entire month, so expect to want to assert yourself in the form of fresh and exciting ideas. There might be too many coming your way to the point of making you feel scattered—however, so take note of the ones that resonate with you the most. Because on March 4, the very next day, mastermind Mercury meets expansive Jupiter, this time while being direct. This is the third time in 2021 that these two planets meet (they previously met on January 11 and February 14), and this third pass around could very well mean the solidification of an idea or an a-ha moment!

Once March 7 arrives, the goddess vibes reach ecstasy as asteroid Pallas joins the water fest in Pisces. In the psychic waters of the sign of the Fishes, Pallas relies more of her intelligence on intuition and other non-physical and mystical realms. As a patron and lover of art, Pallas divulges more of her strategic attention towards music, photography, and cinema.

One of the most interesting astrological aspects about March is that between March 3 and March 11, both the sun and Venus will be squaring with the lunar nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius. When two natal planets activate the “nodes of destiny,” karmic connections get highlighted and fated events and encounters take place as the past and the future mix with the present.

During this time, the sun and Venus in Pisces will also be forming their conjunctions with Neptune, which perfect on March 10, followed by this month’s new moon in Pisces on March 13. Artistry, intuition, and inspiration will be in the air, making this an auspicious lunation for beginning and re-taking creative projects. This combination of energies is also one of the best for love, romance, and beginning a new chapter within a special relationship.

On March 15, our cosmic messenger finally leaves the logical vistas of Aquarius to also enter Pisces, its sign of fall. Since swimming in emotional waters is not one of Mercury’s fortes, we will all most likely have a hard time focusing on work or any mundane tasks. If you have been wanting to take some time off work to just chill, relax, or focus on a creative hobby, this is probably one of the best times of the year to do so.

Pisces season ends on a powerful note as the sun and Venus (working again in tandem) sextile Pluto on March 16 and 18, respectively. While intense feelings could come up around this time, we have the ability to get to the bottom and figure them out for once and for all. Transforming insecurities and power plays within relationships is possible now, as long as we dare to confront what’s been lurking below the surface.

Then on March 21, the sun enters Aries on the Spring Equinox, and once again, we begin a completely new astrological cycle. Venus also makes her entrance into the sign of the Ram the next day, heralding a more passionate, bold, and spontaneous tone for both love and finances. However, we must be very careful with what we say around this time, as Mercury in Pisces will be preparing to clash with Mars in Gemini on March 23. Under this aspect, words can be weapons, and since Mars will be connecting with Saturn around the same time, these could have long-term consequences.

Luckily, the sun and Venus finally meet on March 26 after voyaging very close together during the entire month. This harmonious and peace-making aspect promises rapport within relationships, as well as good times to enjoy the pleasures of life. It also functions as the perfect segue for this month’s full moon, which happens in Venus-ruled Libra.

But… there’s a catch! Since Venus will be conjunct Chiron during this lunation, there’s still some healing that needs to happen before we move onto the important decisions the March 28 Libra full moon will ask us to make. Think carefully, because these decisions will be long-term, as Saturn, the keeper of time, gets activated by this full moon.
The end of the month will be about leading with our heart as the cosmos assist us in resolving lingering conflicts and tying up loose ends.

Art by @hheininge