Your Weekly Horoscope for July 17–23, 2022: A Sentimental Leo Season Begins!

July 17, 2022

At the beginning of the week, both the sun and Mercury in Cancer will trine Neptune retrograde in Pisces, suggesting elemental harmony between all three heavenly bodies. The previous haze is becoming seemingly clearer as Neptune retrograde continues to progress. Intuitive insight between the luminary and cosmic messenger is possible when the rose-colored glasses are removed. However, sensitive messages may come in abstract forms. Gut feelings, dreams, unusual omens, and more might be obvious if you know where to look. 

Then a day later, Mercury in Cancer will oppose Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, suggesting possible transformation when the regressing CEO of the underworld meets with the moody cosmic messenger. Whenever Pluto retrograde touches a planet, there is potential for the truth to come to light. Something might be revealed in conversation, perhaps bluntly or even through a Freudian slip. Opportunities to open up may be plausible if the timing feels right for a heart-to-heart. 

Shortly after, the sun in Cancer will then oppose Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, inferring tension between the regressing CEO and the lunar-ruled ego. Dire Pluto retrograde can help the sun go deeper than ever before. Introspection is apparent as this opposition encourages self-reflection, which pairs nicely with Chiron stationing retrograde in Aries. Although it is easy to remain hidden, the opposition can be an extreme push to bring out hidden power, determination, and tenacity. 

At the very end of the week, a newly minted Mercury in Leo will trine Jupiter in Aries, creating a fiery harmony between the sensational cosmic messenger and self-led major benefic. Explosive thoughts and feelings come pouring out like molten lava when these two heated celestials get together. Immediate reactions will blaze as Jupiter expands upon Mercury’s mental agility. Bursts of excitement will be felt in every thought, sentiment, or idea shared during this blithe sextile. But be wary of experiencing the classic foot-in-mouth syndrome.  

Venus enters Cancer

Hauntingly beautiful sentiments come to life when Venus enters watery Cancer. Now that the love goddess is attuned to the vibration of the moon, there is something utterly poetic in everything Venus in Cancer nurtures. Aesthetics are nostalgic as we embody past beauty and art fads. Memories of great love set the stage for present-day romance, encouraging us to reconnect with our partners from a deeper, heart-centered place. Money may be spent frugally, perhaps out of fear of repeating the past, allowing us to build an intuitive foundation for our futures. 

Mercury enters Leo

Dazzling conversations will take center stage once Mercury enters bright Leo! This short-lived transit blazes dramatically, encouraging the inner performer in all of us to make a debut. Seemingly simple interactions will become full-blown productions, complete with confident, colorful storytelling. However, Mercury in Leo may add fuel to the fire, so tread lightly with exaggeration and drama!

Chiron stations Retrograde

The Wounded Warrior begins an introspective cycle when Chiron in Aries stations retrograde. From now until December 23, Chiron retrograde encourages healing our inner Aries-related wounds. The wound of identity and self may be the overarching priority during Chiron retrograde as the collective unearths self-limiting biases, insecurities, and doubts. Raw self-reflection will undoubtedly unearth the righteous desire to express rage, aggression, and sensual passion. Treat yourself with kindness during this transit.

Quarterly Check-In with Luna

By the end of Cancer season, the last quarter moon in Aries will awaken a passion for letting go. Since this is following Chiron stationing retrograde in Aries, this lunar event is well-timed to launch a period of healing by forgiving and forgetting. Cut ties with whatever is not working, including ties within yourself.

Sun enters Leo

At last, the sun has returned to its domicile — Leo! The steady warmth of Leo season lights a fire in our hearts as we feel called to honor our most basic desires for pleasure. Amusement can be found around every corner, as Leo season confidently promises hearty bliss. Summer romance will be in full swing as we seek joy with our partners in crime. Be sure to create lasting memories during this cheerful season!

Major Transits of the Week

7/17 – Venus enters Cancer

7/17 – Mercury in Cancer trines Neptune retrograde in Pisces

7/17 – Sun in Cancer trines Neptune retrograde in Pisces

7/18 – Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto retrograde in Capricorn

7/19 – Mercury enters Leo

7/19 – Chiron stations retrograde in Aries

7/19 – Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto retrograde in Capricorn

7/20 – Last Quarter Moon in Aries

7/22 – Sun enters Leo

7/23 – Mercury in Leo trines Jupiter in Aries

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Your Weekly Horoscope for July 17


Dial up the drama because Leo season begins this week! Romance, joy, and exciting theatrics are going to heat up when the sun enters Leo. 


Enjoy your wonderful life when the sun enters Leo this week. Your fire for your sacred spaces and family will light up with enthusiasm!


Speak from a place of joy when the sun and Mercury enter Leo! Expect to razzle-dazzle everyone you speak to during Leo season.


Although your season is ending, you still have so much fortune to look forward to once the sun enters Leo this week. Luck is on your side!


Are you ready for your close-up? The sun enters your sign this week, making you the undeniable star of the astrological show!


How do you view yourself? With the sun entering Leo, you are encouraged to consider your introverted ego. 


Shine like a superstar in your communities once Leo season begins! Now is the time to pair up with joyous, creative groups and friends. 


Dazzle everyone with your accomplishments when the sun enters Leo. This is your time to shine for your achievements!


Commit to happiness in this new adventure during Leo season. You deserve to seek joy in your worldly experiences. 


You will feel powerful by being self-aware throughout Leo season. Being secure yet conscious is transcendental.


Lovers should reach the gold standard when the sun enters Leo this week. You deserve only the best from your relationships!


Living your life optimistically is the best way to enjoy Leo season. Find a reason to smile every day during this season!