Sun Square Pluto

Sun Square Pluto Natal

Being born with Pluto in a square aspect with the sun gives you a powerful drive to establish your core purpose despite whatever obstacles you face. Some of the limitations may be self-inflicted fears, while other restraints will come from societal forces that seem to be working against you. You will be called to test cultural taboos and shine a light on hidden factors of yourself and society. There may be powerful authority and parental figures, who have an overbearing influence on your development, demanding that you meet their expectations without regard for your own unique purpose. Whatever form the obstacles in your life take, you will need to take the risk to follow your deepest desires with resilient persistence, enacting a cathartic regeneration of the inhibitions holding you back. Due to having ambitions to gain personal power, you will need to be careful to not become consumed with claiming power over others. You have the potential to be a source of empowerment for others.

Sun Square Pluto Transit

You will experience an illumination of subconscious fears and desires that will initiate a cathartic process and test your strength and resiliency. When the transiting sun forms a square aspect with your natal Pluto, you may temporarily feel like you are lost in darkness. Through persistence in actualizing your purpose, you will rediscover your inner light and sense of personal empowerment. If events direct your awareness toward old patterns that have been limiting you and need to be released, commit to enter a period of shedding, purging, or breaking them down. As a result, you will feel an upsurge of vitality you can use to assert yourself toward your ambitions in the future.  It’s also possible that you will be challenged by an authority figure who attempts to disempower or manipulate you. Do your best to monitor the power dynamics within your relationships. This will help so you can avoid becoming pulled into a battle of wills in which one or both of you attempts to claim power over the other person.

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