Your Weekly Horoscope for July 3–9, 2022: Mars Slows Its Roll

July 3, 2022

Although there are only a few major astrological events this week, each one is sure to pack a punch as the overall celestial energy begins to change. 

On Tuesday, July 5, the newly minted Mercury in Cancer forms a supportive sextile to another newly minted Mars in Taurus, suggesting harmony between the moody cosmic messenger and Venusian-ruled minor malefic. The intuitive pull of the moody mind is incredibly thoughtful as it considers its next move from a sensitive, introspective perspective. As the cardinal quality begins to shine through with Mercury, Mars can use this as leverage to take action. If spurred into action, Mars can create something tangible and valuable. Collectively, we may feel emotionally triggered into taking action, resulting in the palpable manifestation of insights, thoughts, or conversations. 

At the end of the week, Mercury in Cancer will square Jupiter in Aries, infusing tension between the two cardinal planets. Although both want to take the lead, the square indicates that they have different leadership styles and approaches to forging ahead. As Jupiter expands upon Mercury, we may feel like certain trains of thoughts or conversations are becoming larger than life. Broadening these mental pursuits and communicative action can be emotionally intensive. If left unchecked, there could be extreme exaggerations. Speak your truth but within reason! 

Quarterly Check-in with Luna

As the first quarter moon in Libra awakens a desire for harmony in the middle of the week, we may feel like it is time to assume a peace-seeking, just leadership role in our lives. Libra-led Luna is mentally active as it considers the pros and cons of taking the next step to reach its desired goal. But we may find that we cannot move forward with Luna until we clear away aspects of our lives that lack reciprocity, truth, and serenity. 

Mercury enters Cancer

Mercury’s light, airy pace dissipates as Mercury enters moody, moon-ruled Cancer today. As the cosmic messenger begins to report to the moon, it may feel surprisingly more sentimental and emotional. Typically, Mercury prefers witty, jokester energy and swift mental agility. But Mercury in Cancer may feel like a somewhat heavier transit as it is ultra-sensitive to what is said, read, or implied. Introspective Mercury in Cancer will be highly attuned to its intuition as it reads between the lines to understand the emotional gravity of its interactions. Since it can be a highly reflective transit, we might feel focused on past events since Mercury in Cancer is nostalgic.

Mars enters Taurus

The dying embers of Mars in Aries begin to fade as it now enters fixed, earthy Taurus. Now reporting to the other Lover planet, Venus, Mars takes on a charmingly subdued tone. A Venusian-ruled Mars prefers to attract rather than chase, which is out of the norm for Mars! But this change of pace is welcomed as Mars in Taurus has an easygoing, plodding momentum where it can move at its own time. “Stubborn as a Bull” is relevant since Mars in Taurus will not be pushed or cajoled into action. But when Mars in Taurus is committed, there is nothing this Martian drive will not do to succeed! If you thought Mars in Aries was hot, then think again. Mars in Taurus is seductive as it prefers a slow, sensual experience in the bedroom. But this will come after being wined and dined by Mars in Taurus!

Major Transits of the Week

7/5 – Mercury enters Cancer

7/5 – Mars enters Taurus

7/5 – Mercury in Cancer sextiles Mars in Taurus

7/6 – First Quarter Moon in Libra

7/9 – Mercury in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries

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Your Weekly Horoscope for July 3


Is home on your mind? With Mercury entering Cancer this week, you might feel more nostalgic than usual. Memories of your childhood or fun family events may simmer as you continue to create a sacred space of your own.


Assert yourself! Mars is moving into your sign this week, so you will be oozing irresistible confidence. Expect to feel especially sensual and attractive with this sexy planet in your sign.


How can you secure the bag? Mercury will enter Cancer this week, kicking off a short yet emotionally-led financial outlook. You might feel like it is time to be more frugal while securing your personal property. 


Go after your dreams! Mars is entering Taurus this week, encouraging you to commit to your hopes and wishes. If you are dreaming of luxury, romance, and beauty, then now is the time to bring it to fruition. 


Go after the career of your dreams, Leo! As of this week, Mars will enter Taurus and encourage you to persevere until you achieve immense success. You can do whatever you set your mind on during this transit. 


Reconnect with your current and old friends once Mercury enters Cancer this week. You might feel more emotional than usual as Mercury in Cancer readily dives into your friendships. Do not be afraid to open up!


How do you view your legacy? The past, present, and plausible future of your life come to mind when Mercury is in sentimental Cancer. Use this period of reflection to consider what you can do next. 


Where do you want your love life to go? It could be time to take action to steady your love life when Mars enters your opposite sign, Taurus. Love can be sensual AND stable during this transit!


Time to better communicate in your intimate bonds when Mercury enters Cancer this week. You might feel more lovey-dovey during this watery Mercurial transit, so make sure you express your deepest sentiments!


Are sparks flying yet? Sensual passion may begin to slowly but surely build in your love life as Mars enters Taurus this week! This can be amazing energy to add a little spice to your love life. 


Listen to your mind, and your body will follow when Mercury enters Cancer this week. It could be time to slow down to pay attention to your physical body by taking care of your mental and emotional health.


New ideas and sparks of inspiration will be attuned to your vibration as Mercury enters watery Cancer. Follow whatever sparks joy as this Mercurial transit unfolds since it could lead to something wonderful.