Mercury Sextile Mars

Mercury Sextile Mars Natal

Whether it manifests physically in the form of athletics or mentally in the realm of academia, this aspect grants assistance to the desire for excellence and separating yourself from the crowd. This help may come in the form of friends or mentors who are quick to notice your natural abilities and encourage their development. This, in turn, fosters a collegial attitude of friendly competition, where each member of the team or group acknowledges and leans on the strengths of the others. A true team player, you are more likely to be successful by willing to make sacrifices for the team than by being the lone wolf type interested only in personal glory. Because of the experiences of receiving help, encouragement, and camaraderie, you are likely to become a coach or mentor yourself, and may enjoy this role even more than personal competition.

Mercury Sextile Mars Transit

This transit represents an opportunity to become more conscious of the principle of “coopetition.” By joining forces with others who have similar goals and strategizing as a group, you are more likely to experience success than simply going it alone. This is generally a brief transit that comes around twice a year, however, every six to seven or even thirteen years apart, Mercury will make an extended series of three sextiles with the middle one during its retrograde. These are much more significant transits which may mark the entrance of more long-term helpful relationships such as business partners, mentors, or mentees.

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