Mars Square Jupiter

Mars Square Jupiter Natal

You're certainly inclined to go big and not go home at all. So, much so that you perhaps don't know how to sit still or savor the moment as is. You're a hard worker, but you're not always smart about how you work. You perhaps try to tackle too many things at once and end up frustrating yourself or others when tasks and deadlines inevitably begin to fall through the cracks. As you learn to prioritize and size up tasks well enough to know whether you can manage what you've put on your plate, you'll have more wins and gain more of the achievement you hunger after with your whole being. Your heart and courage are stouter and broader than your hands. That's okay as you can always find a way to get more hands-on-deck for what you seek if you first admit you can't do everything by yourself.  

Mars Square Jupiter Transit

Your optimism and confidence in your abilities or self are great with this transit. But you could easily overreach and be overconfident about what you can handle. You likely can run off half-cocked into a project or situation without assessing whether you're the best person for the job. Pay attention to what inspires you toward growth and new vistas. You'll know you're heading toward ego-inflation if you're dreaming more about what makes you look glorious than really growing. And you’ll know you’re stretching if you’re more willing to risk failure than just look good. Think carefully about what you have in place or will need in place for success. You'll be inclined to think about the best-case scenarios for everything that you want to do. But you'd do better to think about any worst-case scenarios that could happen as well. Then you'll have a balanced approach.  

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