Weekly Horoscope: March 21–March 27, 2021

March 20, 2021

With the sun now in Aries, a whole new chapter has begun. Use the energy of this week to set goals, make plans for your year, and take action. Don’t be afraid to be a leader, as you have the opportunity to create the life of your dreams and start anew. The past is no longer limiting us. Instead, we can begin fresh cycles and patterns. On the twenty-first, Venus will enter Aries, as well. This will make us bold in love and encourage us to take the lead in the pursuit of what sets our souls on fire. Waiting for romance to happen is not ideal now. The right approach is to be dominant and direct regarding relationship matters. Whether single or attached, love should feel passionate, exciting, and adventurous.

March 21 brings other important planetary aspects, as well. Mercury in Pisces links in a sweet sextile with Uranus in Taurus. Exciting news could be right around the corner as exhilarating and unexpected situations are injected into our daily routines. This period should bring lively affairs and more activity. Flashes of insight and a wonder for discovery will likely manifest, as well. Think of the future and brainstorm ideas of how you can take a fresh approach to achieving your goals.

Mighty Mars in Gemini will also form a trine with Saturn in Aquarius on this day, too. All aspects involving Mars tend to be felt for days before and after, just like a comet can be seen with a long tail shooting through the sky. This particular transit will infuse us with ambition, focus, and perseverance. We will be action-oriented and have the fuel to power through even the most difficult of tasks. Our goals may still have a long ways to go, but we won’t be afraid to give it everything we’ve got. However, previous hard work may also culminate now, as we rake in the benefits of our previous consistent efforts. On a personal level, this aspect favors long-term commitments and can bring increased passion to existing unions. If single, pursue a partner who favors stability and mutual success.

March 23 will bring one of the only troubling aspects of the month, as Mercury in Pisces clashes in a square with Mars in Gemini. This may create rushed thinking, frustration, and anger. Disagreements can be triggered, so it is best to breathe through this energy, as it will fade quickly. Don’t embrace impulsivity as you could put yourself or others in danger.

Yet, the week ends with one of the most magical aspects of the year as the fiery sun unites with enchanting Venus in the hills of Aries on March 26. This rare conjunction occurs just once a year and is an auspicious time for love, beauty, peace, and pleasure. A major focus will be placed upon relationships and we will experience a sweet and social energy fill our lives. Schedule a memorable first date if single or else a romantic event with a significant other. Entertainment, partying, or sex will satiate us. Don’t miss out on harnessing the blessings of this very special day!

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Major Transits of the Week

3/21 — Venus enters Aries

3/21 — Mercury in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus

3/21 — Mars in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius

3/23 — Mercury in Pisces square Mars in Gemini

3/26 — Sun conjunct Venus in Aries

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Venus will enter your solar first house this week, Aries. This will make you absolutely magnetic for the weeks ahead. Not only will this give you the urge to pursue more pleasure, but also it can make you absolutely magnetic.


Your ruler, Venus, will dance onward into your solar twelfth house this week, Taurus. This will encourage you to focus on self-love. Nurture your heart. Reflect on how your relationships have grown in the past year and where you want them to evolve moving forward.


As goddess Venus gyrates through your solar eleventh house this week, you’ll be feeling especially social, Gemini. This is an excellent period to have some fun with friends or expand your network.


Venus moves through your solar tenth house this week, Cancer. This will bring praise to your professional life and would be an excellent time to impress superiors, VIPs, or executives.


Benevolent Venus will sing a hymn for adventure within your solar ninth house this week, Leo. This may inspire single Leos to pursue dating someone from a different background, lifestyle, or culture.
Prepare for a double dose of sweetness as Venus moves into your solar eighth house of intimacy this week, Virgo. This will bring a special touch of sensuality to your relationships. Don’t be afraid to snuggle up with someone whom you adore.


With Venus standing directly across the sky from you this week, you will experience a great deal of harmony in your relationships, Libra. Existing unions should feel more aligned now.


Charming Venus will bring laughter and a light-hearted air to your employment this week, Scorpio. As she cha-chas through your solar sixth house, your coworkers will be more pleasant and lively.


Majestic Venus will spin in her ball gown throughout your solar fifth house this week, Sagittarius. This will bring joy and rapture to your heart. Use this time to improve your love life.


Expect plenty of harmony at home and with family as Venus tours your solar fourth house this week, Capricorn. This is an excellent time to fix up your space or redecorate.


Your words will be magic this week, as Venus soars through your solar third house of communications, Aquarius. Dazzle people with your thoughts and ideas.


Sweet Venus shifts gears to bring her attraction to your solar second house this week, Pisces. This will attract gifts and money to you.

Art by Morysetta