sagittarius Monthly Dating Horoscope for March 2021

By Ellen Ricks

Month of March 2021 This Month

Allow curiosity to guide you through the dating scene this month when Mars enters Gemini on March 3, making you eager to learn everything you can about your dates. Stay flexible and adapt to any changes that occur. However, when the new moon is in Pisces on the thirteenth, you could consider settling down with someone. Cuffing season isn’t over yet.

However, your home life may take over your love life when Mercury enters Pisces on March 15, bringing some interference by family members. Blind dates, interrogating your lover, and being nosy are all possibilities.

Fortunately, the universe cuts you a break when the sun and Venus enter Aries on the twentieth and twenty-first, respectively. This brings out your bold, passionate side. You’re ready to dive headfirst into any love affair. Take a gamble on love, Sagittarius.

The best date night is when the sun conjoins Venus on March 26, making it a very hot and dynamic evening. Give in to your desires and let your wild side out! While you may be moving very quickly, take a moment to pause and really think about this affair when the full moon is in Libra on the twenty-eighth. Look before you leap!