Sagittarius Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of February 2024

February is the month of flirtation, and your gift of gab can improve your dating life when Mercury enters Aquarius on February 4. First dates can easily go in your favor because you never run out of things to say. Keep that charm going during the Aquarius new moon on the ninth, Sagittarius, because it’s easy to connect using some verbal foreplay.

Keep dating casual when Mars and Venus enter Aquarius on February 12 and February 16, respectively. You’re looking to play the field with lovers who can keep up with you intellectually. While you’re not looking for anything serious, be up front and honest so no one gets hurt.

However, you’ll be wanting to lock down a cuffing season partner when the sun and Mercury enter Pisces on the eighteenth and twenty-second, respectively. While spring is on the horizon, you’ll be spending the rest of winter cozy at home with your lover and hiding from the outside world together. Have fun!

End the week with some important thoughts about your romantic future during the Virgo full moon on February 24. This is a great time to start making things official or figure out what kind of relationship you want to be in by spring.

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