Sagittarius Monthly Dating Horoscope for September 2022

Month of September 2022

What’s your relationship status, Sagittarius? That’s the million-dollar question this month when Venus enters Virgo on September 4. As you navigate the “what are we?” question, you might have to figure out your relationship goals. 

However, it won’t be easy when Mercury goes retrograde in Libra on the ninth and the line between friends and lovers becomes very blurred. Don’t ruin a friendship because you want a fling! In fact, stay home during the full moon in Pisces the next day to avoid any dating drama. 

Dating only gets messier when the sun enters Libra on September 22, tempting you with a friends-with-benefits situation that will be hard to refuse. The “what are we?” question comes up again when Mercury backs in Virgo the next day, and you’d better have a good answer. Fortunately, your best date night is during the Libra new moon on the twenty-fifth. Going on a group date could lead to something magical. 

After all that mess, you might be falling in love with someone in your social circle when Venus enters Libra on September 29. Send them a text and update your relationship status to let them know you’re serious this time.

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