Sagittarius Monthly Dating Horoscope for May 2022

Month of May 2022

Your month begins with a perfect date night when Venus enters Aries on May 2, encouraging you to indulge in a spring fling that brings plenty of pleasure and passion into your life. Focus on having fun rather than being serious. 

Mercury goes into retrograde in Gemini on the tenth, making it a less than ideal time for a serious partnership. Fortunately, Jupiter enters Aries that same day, reminding you to just have fun. However, don’t make any plans during the lunar eclipse on May 15. You’ll need to be alone. 

Continue casual dating when the sun enters Gemini on the twentieth. It can help you find your perfect match and eliminate the people who aren’t right for you. If you do find someone you like, go on a creative date when Mars enters Aries on May 24. It could lead to a night of passion. 

However, this romance could start to slow down when Venus enters Taurus on the twenty-eighth, encouraging you to take care of yourself before you give your heart away. 

End the month on a romantic note by starting a new relationship during the Gemini new moon on May 30. Make it official before you lose them, Sagittarius.

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