Your Weekly Tarot Reading for June 30 to July 6, 2024: Prioritize Your Comfort!

June 29, 2024

This week brings a new moon in Cancer, whose energy provides a wonderful opportunity to set new intentions around self-care. Consider how you can nurture yourself and what you need to reset and feel replenished. Notice who and what makes you feel safe, comfortable, and secure, and indulge in more of it.

It’s also a wonderful time to turn your attention to your home and dress your nest. Your sense of comfort is worth investing in! Plus, a good night’s sleep and sweet dreams can shift your whole mood. 

This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards encourage us to lean into all of the sweet aspects of Cancer season by feeling all our feelings with kindness and understanding, spending more time at home and with our loved ones, and prioritizing our comfort. Sensitivity and emotions are nothing to shy away from. When we spend time understanding our internal world, the outside also makes more sense.

Read on for your Tarotscopes with cosmic insight guided into your week ahead.

Aries: The Tower Reversed

Adjust your belief system, Aries. We can be our own worst enemies, and if you continue to tell yourself you can’t do something, you might start believing it! What if you can do that thing, and it isn’t actually that far out of reach? It’s a wonderful time to start believing in yourself and your abilities.

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Taurus: Three of Swords Reversed

Feel it to heal it, Taurus. The only way out is, though. That means that when pain from the past is triggered, don’t shy away from the emotions that come up. It’s far more beneficial to see it as an opportunity to show some extra love to the places in your soul that feel tender. 

Gemini: Six of Pentacles

Give what you have to give, Gemini. Gifts like yours are meant to be shared, so don’t hide away your talents when opportunity knocks. Others can benefit from what you possess, so don’t rob them of the joy of indulging in you! Plus, being generous will make you feel good as well.

Cancer: Eight of Cups

Take a break, Cancer. If you have been struggling to make a decision to stay or go, it could be that you are just too consumed by it to see clearly. Use this week as an opportunity to step away and gain some valuable perspective because a little space will provide all that’s lacking.

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Leo: Page of Wands

Be open to new experiences, Leo. Lately, you have been playing it safe, which is admirable but also quite boring! Give yourself a thrill this week, whether by accepting a spontaneous invitation to a place you have never been to or taking a chance and trying an activity you know nothing about. 

Virgo: Ten of Pentacles Reversed

What brings you comfort, Virgo? Sometimes, it’s hard to get your footing when everything feels up in the air, but it’s your responsibility to ensure your own safety and security. If a situation is making you feel uneasy or like you can’t truly relax into it, then you must remove yourself.

Libra: King of Pentacles

Think it through, Libra. Slow and steady wins this race, and even though you may want to diverge off the course or do something a bit impulsive, let’s not (at least not this week!). There’s no need to rush this. Be methodical and practical as you keep the big-picture vision in mind.  

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Scorpio: Ten of Wands Reversed

Be wary of what you take on, Scorpio. It’s wonderful that you want to help, but it doesn’t need to be at your own energy’s expense! Before committing to everything coming your way, ensure that you can actually take it on rather than spreading yourself too thin. You’ll pay for it when you’re exhausted next week.

Sagittarius: Four of Cups

Give it a second glance, Sagittarius. Upon first impression, you might wave something away as not meant for you, but if you pay more attention and dive deeper into the possibilities, there could be something quite sweet here on the table. Take a chance: what’s the worst that could happen?!

Capricorn: Nine of Swords

Take care of the matter, Capricorn. If something has been on your mind, there’s no time like the present to address it. Why let it continue to live rent-free and create more of a burden?? It’s far easier to face it than you may realize. Do what you must and get it over with already.

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Aquarius: Ten of Cups

Make time for your loved ones, Aquarius. Your time is precious, and who you choose to spend it with says a lot about what you value, especially when facing challenges or immense stress. This week calls for good times with good people so make some plans with your family, blood related as well as chosen, and enjoy yourself.

Pisces: Four of Pentacles

Don’t force it, Pisces. This week reminds you of the art of letting go because the harder you try to control every little detail, the more frustrated you will feel. Loosen up and let this be what it needs to be without imposing your will on these circumstances.