Your Weekly Tarot Reading for August 9-15, 2021: A Crossroads Is in the Cards

August 9, 2021

Your weekly Tarot reading wants you to take a risk, so don’t be afraid to change your plans! The Tarot cards bring us to a crossroads proving an opportunity to make major decisions this week. As you are moving towards your goals and plotting your next moves, is the energy slower than you would like, or does your route need an adjustment? Will you keep moving forward or is it time to start over? This is your reminder to be patient, let everything unfold—and if needed, it is never too late to begin again.

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Aries: King of Swords Reversed

Use your voice for others, Aries! Use your energy this week to fight for a cause you believe in. Even a small gesture and the donation of your time can have a great impact on someone else. Stay true to your values and make commitments that uplift those who need help.

Taurus: Six of Swords Reversed

What are you looking forward to, Taurus? In order to keep everything moving, it is time to focus on your future and get excited about something fun coming up! Is it a new personal goal, a little trip, or even something as simple as giving your bedroom a little makeover? Whatever it is, set your sights and get exhilarated about what is yet to come!

Gemini: The Hermit Reversed

Indulge in your alone time, Gemini. You have been receiving a lot of social invitations lately, but that does not mean you have to say yes to every offer. There is nothing wrong with needing some peace and quiet by yourself. Enjoy your own company this week, and just do you!

Cancer: Justice

Your weekly Tarot pull wants you to make a fair decision, Cancer. The clarity you have been seeking is arriving this week, and you will finally be able to move forward through a murky situation. Once you commit, do not doubt yourself or look backwards. Have confidence in yourself that you will make the best choice given the information you have received.

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Leo: Nine of Pentacles Reversed

Have you been taking on a little too much at work lately, Leo? This week, it feels like you are being confronted with your energy being spread too thin. Is it really worth it to hustle this hard? And at what cost? Look for ways to cut back on work so you have more time to spend with the people you love while just having fun.

Virgo: Seven of Wands

Your weekly Tarot says: Take the high road, Virgo! Everyone is trying to pull you into their drama this week, but that does not mean you need to engage with it. Honestly, none of this concerns you. Rise above all the nonsense, and just stay focused on what you need to accomplish right now. 

Libra: Four of Pentacles Reversed

Watch your spending, Libra. Unexpected expenses are coming up this week causing you to tighten your purse strings in other areas of your life. Everything will be fine, but you should resist the temptation to mindlessly spend money on stuff you do not really need right now.

Scorpio: Four of Cups

Use your judgment wisely before saying yes, Scorpio. A lot of new opportunities are coming your way, but you are feeling compelled to say “no” to most of them. Are you turning them down out of fear of being able to show up or is your calendar completely full right now? Spend some time considering your reasons before committing either way.

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Sagittarius: Two of Wands Reversed

Your weekly Tarot pull wants you to change your plans, Sagittarius. Feelings of frustration have been coming up because something is just not working out as you had hoped. Instead of continuing to do the same thing, use this moment as an opportunity to try out something different. Get creative with your problem-solving skills and do something completely out of the ordinary!   

Capricorn: Queen of Pentacles Reversed

Your weekly Tarot reading advises you to take care of yourself, Capricorn. You have been so focused on nurturing everyone else around you that your own TLC has fallen by the wayside! This is a good week for you to stay home, try out some new recipes, and chill out! Everyone else will understand that you need extra space to indulge your own needs right now.

Aquarius: Temperance

Be patient, Aquarius. An important goal is so close to coming to fruition, you can practically taste it! It’s hard to not get frustrated when you are this close, but not quite there yet. Remain calm, do not lose hope, and just remember that everything is unfolding just as it should. The timing is right!

Pisces: Knight of Cups Reversed

Don’t let your imagination get the best of you, Pisces. You are getting lost in the possibilities of what could potentially go wrong instead of focusing on everything that could go right! It’s time to get grounded—and remember that the worst-case scenario is not the most likely outcome.