Your Weekly Tarot Reading for July 16–22, 2023: Tap Into Your Intuition!

July 15, 2023

Our week begins with a new moon in sensitive Cancer on the seventeenth, highlighting a lovely time to craft new intentions guided by our intuition. Cancer is ruled by the moon, making this lunation at home in the sign of the cosmic Crab, reflecting the comfort of our personal sanctuaries and the trust of our inner knowing. Make the most of this lunar energy by taking time to go within and reflect on what moves and plans feel right rather than what makes sense from a logical perspective. Go with the flow as you follow your instincts and trust that this path will make sense in divine time.

This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards reaffirm the importance of honoring our intuitions during this highly sensitive season. Trust yourself: If something feels off, it probably is! If something is telling you not to take something on, pay attention to that message! And if something feels like it needs to change, it’s time to do just that.

Read on for your Tarotscopes for both your sun and rising signs for a personalized message of supportive guidance into your week ahead!

Aries: Eight of Cups Reversed

You’re not stuck, Aries. It only feels that way because something has been allowed to linger a little longer than necessary. If you want your situation to change, you must let go of the fear of moving on and rip off the band-aid already.

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Taurus: Ace of Wands

Make the most of it, Taurus. Opportunities like this one only don’t come around too often, so this is your moment to do something spectacular. This could really be anything you want it to be! Instead of thinking about how daunting this could be, accept the challenge, muster up your enthusiasm, and give it a real go.

Gemini: Page of Cups Reversed

Trust your intuition, Gemini. This is not the time to doubt yourself, as your instincts are heightened more than ever. If something feels off, instead of talking yourself out of it or telling yourself you’re being too sensitive, dive deeper and explore the uncomfortable feelings. Everything you need to know will be found there.

Cancer: Three of Cups Reversed

Get back to work, Cancer! It’s wonderful to take a break from your usual grind in order to relax and have fun, but all of this recent socializing is beginning to catch up to you! It’s time to return to your routine and recommit to your professional responsibilities.

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Leo: Six of Pentacles Reversed

Acknowledge the imbalances, Leo. This week provides a breaking point to any aspects of your life where you have been a little too generous. It’s time to reel it back anywhere you have been overgiving, overspending, or creating a dynamic that isn’t sustainable any longer.

Virgo: The Emperor Reversed

Loosen up, Virgo. You might want everything to go this way, but sometimes the Universe has other plans for us. It’s time to accept that you simply cannot control everything! Instead of being so rigid with your desires, soften your expectations and see what happens when you go with the natural flow of how everything needs to unfold.

Libra: Knight of Wands Reversed

Try something new, Libra. If you have been feeling bored, uninspired, and restless, it’s time to get out of your old routine and do something completely out of the ordinary. Ignite the spark of your adventurous spirit by exploring a new place or finally signing up for a class in one of your secret interests.

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Scorpio: Three of Pentacles Reversed

Learn from your mistakes, Scorpio. If you find yourself stuck in the same loop over and over again, this could be a good indication that something needs to change so you can get yourself out of this tired old pattern. Start by acknowledging what isn’t working and move forward from there.

Sagittarius: Ace of Pentacles Reversed

Save your money, Sagittarius. Planning to splurge on something totally frivolous and absolutely unnecessary this week? Even though it would be fun, the joy would be fleeting because the timing isn’t right. Hold off and wait for something far better.

Capricorn: Queen of Swords

Decline the offer, Capricorn. If you don’t want to do something, just say “no” instead of caving to the pressure you have placed upon yourself. This doesn’t need to be such a thing! Just be honest and say you don’t have the space to take on even one more responsibility right now.

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Aquarius: King of Swords Reversed

Get your affairs in order, Aquarius. A lack of organization means important responsibilities and essential obligations may easily slip through the cracks this week. Avoid the inevitable incoming headache by slowing down, taking time to tighten up loose ends, and double-checking your schedule.

Pisces: The World

It’s all going according to plan, Pisces. Isn’t it lovely when everything is seamless? Despite a few bumps in the road along the way, this week brings glorious signs of your achievements and a job well done! Be sure to enjoy this moment before pushing forward onto your next endeavor.