Your Weekly Tarot Reading for June 26 to July 2, 2022: A Little Effort Goes a Long Way!

June 26, 2022

The moon is new in sensitive Cancer on June 28, providing a loving nudge towards making adjustments for greater comfort and security.

This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards suggest that change doesn’t have to be arduous to majorly impact our health and happiness. Use this time to consider what smaller, softer shifts of intention you can enact now for a nurturing effect on your overall well-being. 

Read on for this week’s Tarotscopes with further guidance for your week ahead!

Aries: Page of Wands Reversed

Follow through, Aries. The glimmer of the initial spark attracted you to this new endeavor, but if you want to make something impactful happen here, you need to carry on with what you started. If you put in more effort this week, you will be pleased with the results.

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Taurus: The Hermit Reversed

Create anticipation, Taurus. Life has been feeling a bit dull lately, and the best way to pull yourself out of this temporary funk is by having something pleasurable to look forward to! Plan a sumptuous dinner out at that restaurant you’ve been meaning to try and invite a fun group of friends to join you.

Gemini: The Fool

Dive in, Gemini! You might not know exactly what you are about to get yourself into, but that’s all a part of the fun! Set sail into your next adventure without overthinking it. Everything will unfold just as it should as long as you say next to this new opportunity.

Cancer: Wheel of Fortune

Take initiative, Cancer. Something in your life really needs to change, so let’s stop putting it off and finally make a move because the hardest part is the build-up before you get the ball rolling. This switch will be an adjustment, but everything has the potential to be so much better moving forward!

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Leo: The Sun

Keep it positive, Leo. If you focus on everything going wrong, it’s hard to see everything in front of you going well despite the frustrations of your current circumstances. Your glass is actually half full! Celebrate your wins and express gratitude for all of the blessings you currently possess.

Virgo: Three of Cups

Have fun, Virgo! When was the last time you focused on just relaxing and having a good time with good people? Text your besties and make plans for a dinner party or, even better: a weekend getaway to somewhere you have been dying to go to but never make the time to explore.

Libra: Page of Cups Reversed

Feeling stuck, Libra? The best way to pull yourself out of a funk or release that creative block is by trying out new ways of expressing yourself. Shake it up and do something new or unexpected! Comb Pinterest for fresh recipes to try or pull out an outfit from the back of your closet.

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Scorpio: The Hierophant Reversed

Don’t let the opinions of others overwhelm you, Scorpio. Your current circumstances feel confusing, so it’s understandable to want to seek an outside perspective in order to gain some clarifying guidance, but talking to too many friends will just create more uncertainty. Limit the number of cooks in this kitchen before your head spins.

Sagittarius: The Lovers

Carefully consider your options, Sagittarius. A major decision is looming over you, but do not feel like you need to rush ahead in either direction just yet. Press pause in order to see which path truly aligns with your values because that’s all you really need to know right now to direct your next steps.

Capricorn: Five of Pentacles Reversed

Change is coming, Capricorn. The past few weeks have been challenging, but you will begin to see the tides shifting as the weight lifts to reveal some much-needed progress. It won’t happen overnight, but everything is getting easier now. Remember how resilient you are and move ahead with hope.

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Aquarius: The Chariot

Limit your distractions, Aquarius. Everyone around you might be planning their next vacation, but you are in full-force work mode right now. Ride the wave of determination and motivation! You know exactly what you need to do to accomplish your goals, so keep your head down and keep going. 

Pisces: Six of Wands

Celebrate your success, Pisces! It certainly hasn’t been easy, but you did it. You stayed the course and made it to this milestone moment. Honor your achievements so far before moving on to the next big goal, and don’t forget to invite your friends and loved ones to join in on the celebration as well.