Your Weekly Tarot Reading: September 6-13, 2020

September 5, 2020

Some weeks, the Tarot cards can be extra harsh, and it looks like this is one of those times! The forecast calls for taking accountability this week! Almost universally, everyone is being called upon to speak the truth while being mindful of how we say it. Regardless of our sign, we must also take responsibility for our actions—past, present, and future. So… let’s get right into it!

Aries: Eight of Swords Reversed

You are your own worst enemy this week, Aries. It is time to knock it off with the negative self-talk that is keeping you from growing and moving forward. The universe wants you to remember that if you are seeking change, YOU hold the power to create it. Believe in yourself!

Taurus: The Fool Reversed

Your lack of direction is catching up with you, Taurus. Focus on getting yourself more organized this week. Create a to-do list and mark your tasks off one by one! You will feel so much better once you get started.

Gemini: Queen of Swords Reversed

There is a difference between being truthful and being downright mean, Gemini! People around you know they will always get the truth from you, but it is crucial to recognize your delivery of information this week. Try to soften the blow, and think before you speak to avoid unnecessary hurt feelings.

Cancer: The Chariot

You’ve got this, Cancer! No matter what obstacles come up for you this week, you will be able to handle them. You are riding high on your ambitious spirit, and nothing can stop your momentum! Lean into your confidence as your problem solve your way through any unexpected challenges with ease.

Leo: Ten of Cups

Revel in the joy of family connections, Leo! This week presents a harmonious energy for connecting with your family (and those in your life who feel like family!) Whether you are organizing an extended family Zoom chat or a safely socially distanced picnic with your relatives, focus on connecting and catching up with kin.

Virgo: Justice

It is time to just own it, Virgo. This week is all about righting your wrongs. Did you accidentally hurt someone’s feelings? Now is the time to take ownership of your actions and apologize. When you act with responsibility and integrity, all parties involved in the situation can gain closure and move on peacefully.

Libra: Strength Reversed

Don’t let a current setback shake your self-esteem, Libra. Everyone experiences disappointments sometimes as not everything goes as we hope it will play out. It is important to remember that this is not a reflection of your abilities or lack of proficiency. Sometimes, it is just poor timing. Give yourself more credit and reconnect with your inner power this week.

Scorpio: Queen of Pentacles Reversed

Indulge in your own self-care, Scorpio. Have you been neglecting your own needs lately? Focus on making yourself a priority this week as you tune in to your own desires. Prepare nourishing meals, take solo nighttime strolls, and make rest a prime concern in order to refill your proverbial cup.

Sagittarius: Nine of Wands

Be mindful of your energy, Sagittarius. It’s essential to uphold your boundaries this week as you take notice of situations and people who leave you feeling drained. Do not be afraid to assert yourself and communicate your needs in order to protect your spirit.

Capricorn: Justice Reversed

Learn from your mistakes, Capricorn! Use this week as a time of reflection to think about how you would have handled situations differently while acknowledging the lessons you have gained through these experiences. We cannot change our pasts or undo the faults we have committed, but we can learn from our missteps.

Aquarius: The Hanged Man

Sometimes the best move to make is no move at all, Aquarius. Before making any critical decisions, use this week to carefully think over your next steps. Refraining from taking action and deferring your decision to a later time could be the most beneficial course of action for you at this moment.

Pisces: Knight of Cups Reversed

Enough with the excuses, Pisces! You have no one to blame except yourself for your current circumstances. This week’s card is a gentle nudge towards accepting responsibility for your actions. Focus on working on your communication skills so you can speak up in order to ask for help when you need it the most.

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