Your Weekly Tarot Reading for January 30 to February 5: A fresh lunar cycle

January 30, 2022

Welcome, February! We are starting this week with a new month as well as a fresh lunar cycle with Monday’s New Moon in Aquarius providing a magical moment of setting new intentions imbued with a visionary attitude and a cosmic invitation to think outside of the box in all matters. This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards align with independent Aquarian’s ultimate humanitarianism with a confrontation of the struggle between the desire to work together for the greater good yet simultaneously indulge in restorative alone time. Whether you are feeling pulled to be more social or feeling the need to enjoy solitude, look to your Tarotscopes for support and guidance in seeking balance as you plan your week ahead.

Aries: Four of Cups Reversed

Stay in and nest, Aries. Feel no remorse overturning down social invitations that don’t interest you right now. Indulge your desire for solitude this week by getting cozy and curling up with a new book or binging a silly TV show.

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Taurus: Three of Cups

Make time for fun, Taurus. Stop overthinking and get out of your head this week! Make the most of your free time by prioritizing joy and spending time with the people you love. Laughing with your besties will melt away the extra anxiety you have been experiencing lately.

Gemini: The World Reversed

Stop procrastinating, Gemini. You have been putting off tying up a few loose ends and it is impeding your progress from moving forward. The time is now, let’s get going! Do what you need to do to wrap up your unfinished business so you can fully embrace your latest endeavor.

Cancer: Strength Reversed

Release your self-doubts, Cancer. Don’t let a minor setback via a silly mistake cause you to totally lose faith in yourself and your abilities. Everyone messes up, but it’s how you pick up the pieces that show true strength of character. Believe in your talents and others will, too.

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Leo: The Lovers

Prioritize your personal relationships, Leo. Spend this week focused on the needs of those closest to you as you make more time for thoughtful conversations and being more in the present moment with your loved ones. Surprise your significant other with a sweet date night or take your bestie out for a leisurely lunch.  They will appreciate your extra effort.

Virgo: Seven of Pentacles Reversed

Should you stay or should you go, Virgo? You have been investing a lot of time and energy into your latest endeavor, but the return is not coming in as quickly as you initially expected. Before proceeding, spend some time reflecting on whether you want to continue moving forward or cut your losses and abandon ship.

Libra: The Hierophant Reversed

Think outside the box, Libra. Your usual approach just isn’t going to cut it this week, especially when you find yourself in a jam or a time crunch deadline. Try something different and totally innovative to reach a viable solution. If it feels especially out there, then you know you are on the right track.

Scorpio: Two of Pentacles Reversed

Rearrange your calendar, Scorpio. It appears that you are a bit overcommitted and spread far too thin. Cancel anything that doesn’t absolutely require your attention and delegate tasks to others who have the proper bandwidth. Now you can focus on what (and who!) you actually want to spend your time with this week.

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Sagittarius: The Hermit Reversed

Be a social butterfly, Sagittarius. All work and no play make life feel quite dull, and, lately, you haven’t had as much time for excitement. Indulge your extroverted nature by making plans with someone new and going somewhere you have never been before to make the experience feel extra adventurous.

Capricorn: King of Cups

Let your heart lead, Capricorn. A relaxed and compassionate attitude is key this week as you navigate the choppy waters of emotions being stirred up within your close circle. A lot of your friends are having a challenging time right now and looking to you for extra support and strength.  Speak from your heart when offering advice.

Aquarius: The Magician Reversed

Don’t give up, Aquarius! Just because you are not seeing results as quickly as you had hoped to, it does not mean your entire dream has been crushed and your plans should be abandoned! Instead, use this moment as an opportunity to shift gears and adjust better utilize your talents.

Pisces: Justice

You have an important decision to make this week, Pisces, so think objectively and remain fair as you hear all sides of this story. Weigh your options carefully and thoughtfully so you will be able to make the best choice with utmost confidence. Then move forward with no regrets.

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