When Is the Full Moon?

March 9, 2021

Let’s start with some basics: Full moons happen every month! And sometimes twice a month—ever heard the term “once in a blue moon”? That saying specifically references how rare it is when we have an extra full moon during one month, also known as a blue moon. Blue moons occur about every two or three years, but luckily for us, our nocturnal guiding luminary blesses us with a full lunation each month.

The lunar phase cycle, which includes, new moons, first quarter moons, full moons and third quarter moons, takes about 29.5 days—starting with the new moon, when the moon is just a sliver and at its darkest point. As the moon gains light, issues or conversations related to the upcoming lunation gain traction, and once the full moon reaches its peak, it shines clarity on the issue at hand.

We’ve mapped out the 2021 full moon calendar so you can move with the motion of the moon. With Astrology+, you have access to a personalized monthly full moon reading that not only details the specific energy of each full moon, but also how it influences your personal birth chart.

What Are the Full Moons for 2021? 

when is the full moon
January 28, 2021: Full Wolf Moon in Leo
This full moon is the first full moon of the calendar year, and it occurs at 9 degrees Leo. Why is it called the wolf moon? The Old Farmer’s Almanac references that wolves were most vocally active around this time of year. This lunation reminds us to tap into our authenticity and pursue our desires from a heart-centered place.
February 27, 2021: Full Snow Moon in Virgo
As we work our way through Pisces season, we’re still in the dead of winter—and what comes along with winter? Snow! The full snow moon occurs at 8 degrees Virgo. The Virgo full moon tasks us with finding balance between the physical and ethereal. Do you have healthy boundaries in place? That’s what this moon wants to make sure of.
March 28, 2021: Full Worm Moon in Libra
Spring has sprung and we’ve already officially welcomed the Spring Equinox! As we kickstart our astrological new year with Aries season, the full worm moon in Libra is our first full moon of the new astrology season! The full moon occurs at 8 degrees Libra, and is a relationship-oriented lunation. So, why are we talking about worms? Guess what also comes along with Spring—fertile soil and wiggly worms!
April 26, 2021: Full Pink Supermoon in Scorpio
Scorpio and pink aren’t often associated, but the full pink supermoon is named for the herb moss pink flower that blooms during this time. Scorpio full moons are regenerative, a perfect time to purge and find fulfilling alignment. This lunation in particular with occur at 7 degrees Scorpio, and will be as close to the earth as possible—making it a supermoon.
May 26, 2021: Full Flower Supermoon in Sagittarius (Total Lunar Eclipse)
April showers bring May flowers—and the full flower supermoon! The weather is nice and for those of us in school, we’re just beginning to wrap up the school year and break for the summer. Sagittarius full moons bring out focus to our world view, higher learning, spirituality, and the way we process and absorb information. This lunation also happens to be a total lunar eclipse and occurs at 5 degrees Sagittarius.
June 24, 2021: Full Strawberry Supermoon in Capricorn
Did you know June is harvesting season? Enter the full strawberry supermoon! We’ve made it halfway through the Gregorian calendar year and Capricorn full moons want to remind us of our work-life balance. This full moon occurs at 3 degrees Capricorn, and is the perfect time to re-evaluate the amount of time you’re spending at work vs. with those you love.
July 23, 2021: Full Buck Moon in Aquarius
Adorable fawns are born in early Spring, and it isn’t until July until antlers begin to appear, which is why July’s lunation is called the full buck moon. This full moon in Aquarius occurs at 1 degree Aquarius and brings our social groups to the forefront of matters.
August 22, 2021: Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius
When is the best time to catch sturgeons? August! The full sturgeon moon in Aquarius can bring up similar themes as its predecessor, but clearly, we’re still not done with the story. What conversations have you been avoiding having? It’s time to make progress and wrap up this particular cycle. This lunation occurs at 29 degrees Aquarius.

September 20, 2021: Full Harvest Moon in Pisces
The full moon that lands the closest to the Fall Equinox is always known as the full harvest moon. There’s no denying that a full moon in Pisces can certainly be emotional—we’re again tasked with reviewing our boundaries and embracing vulnerability. A healthy balance can exist between the two concepts and it’s time to explore. This full moon occurs at 28 degrees Pisces.
October 20, 2021: Full Hunter’s Moon in Aries
As we inch toward winter, it’s time to stock up on goods for the long months ahead. Known as the full hunter’s moon, this full moon in Aries tasks us with finding balance within our closet ties. Are our needs being met in our closest associations? Dare to be bold and assert yourself and your needs. This full moon occurs at 27 degrees Aries.
November 19, 2021: Full Beaver Moon in Taurus (Partial Lunar Eclipse)
Guess who’s working on their homes on overdrive this time of the year? Beavers—they’re beefing up their dams to sustain winter’s chill and harsh climate. This lunation signals the shift of the nodal axis from Gemini-Sagittarius into Taurus-Scorpio. Pay attention to themes that crop up—this is the beginning of an 18-month journey. This partial lunar eclipse occurs at 27 degrees Taurus.
December 18, 2021: Full Cold Moon in Gemini
It’s cold in December, need we say anymore? We finish off the 2021 calendar year with a chatty and social full moon, taking place at 27 degrees Gemini. This is peak holiday party energy—an increased desire to socialize and share information.