Your Weekly Horoscope for December 12 –18, 2021: A Week of Planetary Shifts

December 11, 2021

Planetary shifts in the wind will be occurring this week! As planets leave behind one realm to venture into another, the wheel of life ever turns. And your weekly horoscope for December 12 has the information you need to know now!

The only major planetary aspect this week will take place on December 12, right at the beginning. The sun in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces, weakening our vitality, minds, and hearts. We will feel under the weather and will have little to no motivation to get things done. Disappointments and confusion are likely, as well as a tendency to self-sabotage. It is best to keep one’s wits about you, as deception is also heightened near this time.

Two Natal Planets Switch Gears:

Next, on December 13, mighty Mars charges on into Sagittarius until January 24, 2022. We will crave a change of scene, new adventures, and exhilarating new horizons. Similarly, we will be motivated to chase what sets our souls on fire and want to learn more about people, the world, and ourselves. We cannot be confined into a box—if we are, we will break the cage and burn it down! With so much passion in our souls, we will crave every new opportunity or experience that crosses our path. While we could have a great euphoria to experiment and start new projects, our energy may end up being more scattered if we don’t narrow our focus.

Also on December 3, our cosmic messenger, Mercury, will ascend the cliffs of Capricorn. Our communications and thinking will be more grounded, practical, and strategic. We will be able to concentrate our minds on arduous tasks and orchestrate clear plans to get from A to Z. Logic and realism will be especially important to us, as there’s just no time for fanciful thinking. Business and financial matters should bode well, especially as we are looking to our long-term goals and ambitions. The shadow side of this transit will be acting too critical, conservative, or close-minded.

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A Full Moon in Gemini:

To end the week, a full moon in Gemini arrives on December 18. This lunation will begin to be felt a few days prior and echo out over the following week. Full moons bring situations and news up rapidly that we must then conclude. We will have an opportunity to decide how we’d like to proceed and then change our path going forward. The events of this full moon will be tied to how you have been communicating, learning, and building your plans since the solar eclipse in Gemini that took place on June 10, 2021. Use the energy of this lunation to assess your ideas and how you’ve been connecting with others. Networking will go especially well at this time.

Major Transits of the Week

12/12 — Sun in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces

12/13 — Mars enters Sagittarius

12/13 — Mercury enters Capricorn

12/18 — Full moon in Gemini

your weekly horoscope

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Your Weekly Horoscope for December 12


The full moon this week will get chatty in your solar third house of communications, Aries. You may now be debuting an important writing, speaking, advertising, or social media endeavor to great public applause.


This week’s full moon puts a big spotlight on your income and wealth, Taurus. A large check, lucrative client, new job offer, or raise could suddenly appear.


Step into the spotlight, it’s your time to shine, Gemini! The most important full moon of the year is here for you, as it falls in your zodiac sign. A dearly held personal goal may now be within reach.


This week will encourage you to lie low, relax, and surrender, Cancer. The full moon in your solar twelfth house will allow you to unplug and visualize what you’d like to tackle in 2022.


A joyous event will grace your week, Leo. You could be celebrating with many friends or acquaintances that inspire you and seek to lift you up.


As the full moon in your solar tenth house arrives this week, you’ll see a big professional win, Virgo. Show the world why you are not second best.

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Hear the call of the wild, Libra. A full moon in your solar ninth house this week will get you ready to pack your bags and get out of town! Enjoy a trip—or plan one for 2022!


Your weekly horoscope for December 12 foresees the arrival of a large payout, settlement, or bonus, Scorpio. The full moon in your solar eighth house could certainly increase your investments and assets.


Relationships will be the top area of concern for you this week, Sagittarius. An important partner could be asking you to grow closer. However, if you’ve been feeling friction, you’ll end up going your separate ways.


With the full moon highlighting your solar sixth house this week, it appears you’re putting the finishing touches on a major work or employment project, Capricorn. Keep hustling, as it could be a jewel on your resume or portfolio.


Romance, recreation, and hobbies will fill your calendar in the week ahead, Aquarius. A full moon in your solar fifth house of passion ensures that you’ll have more fun than ever!


Your weekly horoscope for December 12 points to a domestic shift or important move, Pisces. A full moon in your solar fourth house will help you to get on stable ground.