Sun Square Neptune

Sun Square Neptune Natal

When Neptune forms a square aspect with the sun, it gives you a powerful imagination underlying your intellect that you can utilize in pioneering creative work. You are someone who perceives the world differently than the dominant beliefs and ideologies within the culture or family you grew up within. For example, if you grew up in a religious family, you may become skeptical of dogmatic aspects of the religious ideology. In contrast, this aspect could also relate to someone who lacked exposure to spirituality growing up, who becomes drawn to exploring a spiritual path and practice. In one way or another, events that cause dramatic changes in your life will lead you to question your beliefs and your modes of perception. This will deepen your understanding in the process. It will be necessary for you to go through disillusioning experiences that clarify your perceptions that have been strongly influenced by beliefs you have been unconscious of.

Sun Square Neptune Transit

You may experience realizations today that challenge and begin to dissolve old beliefs or aspects of your identity. When the transiting sun forms a square aspect with your natal Neptune, you may also widen your awareness of deeper parts of yourself that spark interest in pursuing a new creative direction. You may struggle today with discerning what is true versus what is an illusion. You may also have a disillusioning experience. The positive aspect of any disillusionment you experience during this time is that you will ultimately be able to realign your beliefs with a more authentic personal truth. You will also likely undergo a powerful activation of your imagination today that will need an outlet for expression. Engaging in artistic or spiritual practices will help give you a container to work with the perceptions you receive today. When it comes to mundane tasks, you may feel exhausted and disinterested in focusing on everyday responsibilities. As a result, you may need to create a schedule or to-do list to make sure you attend to things that are necessary to focus on.

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