Your Weekly Horoscope for May 23 to May 29, 2021

May 23, 2021

Welcome to one of the pivotal weeks of 2021! In this article, you will find the astrological transits that will affect your weekly horoscope for May 23 to May 29 of 2021.

An especially cosmic week is here, as the stars above us engage in a dazzling heaven’s dance. At the very onset of the week, our great taskmaster planet, Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius. For many months, he has soared rapidly through this realm, bringing life lessons to all things Aquarian.

Now for the next five months, we will need to review these particular karmic lessons and find ways to improve going forward. During this time, we’ve seen more focus on community organization, people’s rights, and international planning for the future. Saturn’s retrograde will help us to assess if there are still even better ways to cultivate greater connectivity.

Eclipse Season is Here

A lunar eclipse in Sagittarius will rock the sky on May 26. This is the third of four eclipses in Sagittarius, moving the story we had begun in June and December 2020 forward another step further. As Sagittarius also holds ties to international relations, travel, and legal ramifications, all of these areas will be brought into our awareness.

As a very philosophical zodiac sign, this may provide the impetus for us to take stock of our current perspective on life, and how we can expand it by looking from other people’s points of view who are different from us. As we had noticed before, sometimes this first occurs because of a clash of ideas, which ultimately leads us collectively toward discussion. Only by facing the truth can we be set free. Eclipses often tie to our own individual destinies, as well as the progression of the world. Watch for fated events and synchronicities now.

Mercury Meets Venus & Goes Retrograde

Then on May 27, Venus in Gemini forms a square with Neptune in Pisces. This murky influence will bring disappointments and sadness to relationships. Insecurity may manifest within us. Some people will over-idealize their romantic interests, which will lead to great pain and frustration down the line. This is not a good time to begin a union or make a promise. It’s also not a favored time to indulge in drugs or alcohol, as their effects could lead down a dark spiral.

On May 29, Mercury in Gemini will also station retrograde. We have been feeling his pre-shadow for weeks, slowing down our minds and daily affairs. Miscommunication, delays, and stagnation are guaranteed in the weeks to come. As always, avoid the common rules of Mercury retrograde whereby we do not sign contracts, make agreements, make large purchases, or launch endeavors. To do so is ensuring frustrations and headaches down the line.

Yet, despite this, Mercury and Venus will also form a conjunction in Gemini on May 29. This is usually an excellent time to tell someone how you feel or enjoy an important meeting. However, with Mercury suddenly starting a backward phase, we may be thinking of someone or something from the past, or even hear from someone we previously had connected with.

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Major Transits of the Week

5/23 — Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius

5/26 — Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius

5/27 — Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces

5/29 — Mercury retrograde in Gemini

5/29 — Mercury conjunct Venus in Gemini


The lunar eclipse in your solar ninth house arrives this week, Aries. This will be a powerful turning point regarding an academic, media, or traveling goal.


As the lunar eclipse in your solar eighth house appears this week, you’ll be likely to hear news of a shift around money-matters, Taurus.


A major turning point in a relationship has arrived, Gemini. The lunar eclipse in your solar seventh house is begging you to grow closer or go your separate ways.


With a destined event coming your way regarding employment or health matters, you’ll be very busy this week, Cancer. Your weekly horoscope for May 23 assures you that the lunar eclipse in your solar sixth house cannot be ignored.


Open your heart to passionate and vivacious emotion, Leo. The lunar eclipse in your solar fifth house this week could signal news about true love or a pregnancy.


Yet another eclipse in your solar fourth house of domesticity arrives this week, Virgo. This could see an ending or shift regarding a home or family matter.


Your words and ideas are on fire, Libra! The lunar eclipse in your solar third house arrives this week, letting you broadcast your thoughts to the world.


Prepare for an influx of cash as a lunar eclipse in your solar second house arrives this week, Scorpio. It could be in the form of a raise, new client, or fresh job opportunity.


You are stepping into your power unlike ever before, Sagittarius. The lunar eclipse in your zodiac sign this week shows you cannot be caged any longer.


The lunar eclipse in your solar twelfth house this week could cause you to focus on mental health and closure, Capricorn. Your weekly horoscope for May 23 has a clear message: Spend time resting and recharging.


As the lunar eclipse in your solar eleventh house appears this week, you will be seeing a destined event appear regarding a friendship, Aquarius.


Prepare to see your name in lights, Pisces! A crowning achievement may now be here once the lunar eclipse in your solar tenth house rises this week.