Your Weekly Tarot Reading: April 19-25, 2021

April 18, 2021

This week, the Tarot cards remind us to believe in ourselves as we embark on a journey of self-discovery. Whether it is to stand up for what we believe in, express our deepest feelings, or honor our worth, this week’s Tarotscopes provide a boost of confidence to be unabashedly our true selves. Read on for advice to support you on your trip of revelations.

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Aries: Page of Wands Reversed

Good things come to those who wait, Aries, and right now, you need a healthy dose of patience! There are so many goals you want to accomplish and dreams you wish to make tangible, but your creative focus is all over the place! Slow down and nurture your talents as you enjoy the process of everything unfolding.

Taurus: Ace of Pentacles Reversed

Don’t rush into it, Taurus. You are itching for change, but now is not the time for a rash move. Just because you are bored, you do not need to create excitement with risky, rushed decisions.  Consider the possibilities and make a solid plan before moving forward with any major decisions.

Gemini: The Moon Reversed

Stop pretending nothing is wrong, Gemini. Denying your true feelings is not doing you any good right now! Face the uncomfortable feelings and acknowledge your fears. This is the first step in releasing this negative energy, moving through this challenging moment, and taking a step forward from the toxicity of your recent past.

Cancer: Six of Wands Reversed

Believe in yourself, Cancer! Pay no mind to the opinions of others and what they think of you. Be mindful of separating the projections people place upon you versus how you actually see yourself. It really does not matter what they think of you as long as you are happy and feeling confident in your abilities.

Leo: King of Pentacles Reversed

Avoid taking a risk, Leo. You have been stretched a little too thin lately, and it is understandable to want to take a few shortcuts in order to lighten your energetic load. However, taking the easy way out will only result in more work later, so just keep doing what you are doing instead. Remembering to take breaks to rest and refresh is a far more productive option.

Virgo: Ten of Cups

Notice the moments of joy, Virgo. What makes you feel content? Who adds to your happiness? Consider all of this as you move forward with making decisions this week. If the situation does not add to your bliss, do not engage in it right now. Your heart knows exactly what you want; all you have to do is listen to it.

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Libra: Temperance Reversed

Cultivate a sense of balance, Libra. Have you been all work and no play lately? Or have you been indulging in fun a little more so than usual and letting your responsibilities slide? Either way, it’s time to seek a middle ground.

Scorpio: The Hierophant

Seek out good advice, Scorpio. It’s time to get a fresh perspective on your current situation instead of overthinking it and going around and around in your own head. Consult with someone you trust who can offer their valuable wisdom at this time.

Sagittarius: King of Wands Reversed

Define your desires, Sagittarius. Stop waiting for others to give you a direction to navigate your next move or cultivate a sense of purpose. No one can determine what it is you want to do except you! This is a good time to check back on the intentions you set for the new year and see what needs to be redefined, refocused, or left behind.

Capricorn: Three of Swords

Forgive the past, Capricorn. Old feelings and past pain are bubbling to the surface this week and bringing down your mood. Your best move is to acknowledge the pain and stop ruminating over how you could have handled the situation differently. You did the best you could with the information you had so now it’s time to forgive yourself and move forward.

Aquarius: Seven of Wands

Stick to your guns, Aquarius! Others are testing your limits and seeking explanations as to your motivations behind your recent actions. If you choose to engage, do not hold back your true feelings. You might not be able to change someone else’s mind, but you can express your point of view eloquently and show your side.

Pisces: Six of Pentacles Reversed

Resist your tendency to over give, Pisces. It’s wonderful to be generous and help others (it makes you feel good, too!) However, if everyone is just taking and not returning the favor, you are bound to start to feel empty. Give yourself a little gift this week.

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