Your Weekly Tarot Reading: February 15-21, 2021

February 14, 2021

Have you been feeling stuck in your own head lately? This week, the Tarot cards ask us to get out of there and stop overthinking everything. Ruminating is destructive, and nothing beneficial comes from all of the over-analyzing you are currently doing. What can you do to move forward? The cards have the answers you are seeking.

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Aries: Ten of Wands Reversed

Embrace saying no, Aries. You have taken on way too many responsibilities, and now your energy is completely maxed out! I know you want to do it all, but stop committing to new tasks for now and focus on getting your current workload completed before you have a total breakdown.

Taurus: Temperance

Good things come to those who wait, Taurus. You know that goal that you have been so focused on lately, the object of your desire that you cannot stop obsessing over? It will be yours, but you are just going to have to be patient and wait it out.

Gemini: Nine of Swords Reversed

Stop being so hard on yourself, Gemini! The harsh criticism and negative self-talk are not serving you. In fact, it’s just increasing your anxiety to the point of almost being paralyzing! You will never move forward if you keep this up! What can you do to be kinder to yourself right now? Make this your priority.

Cancer: Page of Cups

Have fun expressing yourself creatively, Cancer. You know how children draw just for fun? This is the energy you need to indulge in this week. Start a craft project, draw, paint, whatever feels right to you and do so without criticism or expectations that your creation needs to look a certain way. Just make something!

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Leo: Queen of Swords

Establish clear boundaries, Leo. It’s time to protect your energy, which means not everyone can have access to you 24/7. It’s okay to say no to anything you do not want to take on right now, which includes others’ unnecessary drama!

Virgo: The Chariot

Stay focused, Virgo! You have your eye on the prize and you are closing in on accomplishing your goals, but there is one more hurdle to overcome. Stay on track and don’t give up now! Remain confident in yourself and your abilities because your success is imminent.

Libra: Ten of Cups

Follow your heart, Libra. Prioritize your personal relationships and spend more time with the people you love this week. Show everyone around you how much you love them! And if something feels good, do not overthink it…do more of it!

Scorpio: The Fool Reversed

Carefully consider your next move, Scorpio. Before making a big decision this week, I want you to ask yourself if this is a responsible risk or an attempt at recklessness? Rather than just being “in the moment,” think about the bigger picture before committing to the next step.

Sagittarius: Knight of Cups

Explore your passions, Sagittarius. What is it that you have been longing to create? Now is the time to stop putting it off, and instead, put your plans into action! Allow yourself to imagine the possibilities and let that motivate you to start this long-simmering desire.

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Capricorn: Three of Cups Reversed

Take some time off, Capricorn. You have been working so hard, and now it is time to take a much-needed break! The best way to relax and get out of your own head is to reach out to your friends. Their love and support will help you forget about all of your current stress.

Aquarius: Eight of Swords

Stop limiting yourself, Aquarius. If you feel trapped in your current situation, then it’s time to seek a new perspective and focus on ways to create a change. Don’t overthink it…that is just making you feel more stuck! You will get out of this, but it will require some work on your end.

Pisces: The Hierophant

Stick to your tried-and-true methods, Pisces. The solution you are seeking is already here! Now is not the time to get unconventional or think too outside of the box. You know what works already so don’t change it up right now.