Your Weekly Tarot Reading for September 13-19, 2021: Honoring Your Inner Wisdom

September 13, 2021

This weekly Tarot reading reminds us to honor the wisdom of our past experiences as we move forward making conscious decisions for our own greatest good. Does something need to end? Or does it just need more time to come together? Is it too good to be true or just good enough? Everything is unfolding just as it should so follow your intuition, gather more information, and trust that it will all make sense soon.  

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Aries: Six of Cups Reversed

Notice what is in front of you, Aries. It is one thing to reminisce sweetly about your past, but you are creating your own problems when you get stuck back there! It would be a shame to miss out on an amazing opportunity because you cannot forget your past.

Taurus: Two of Pentacles Reversed

Check in with your priorities, Taurus. It looks like you have overcommitted yourself this week! Before you get overwhelmed, it’s time to reflect and reprioritize. Can you get out of something, delegate a task, or decline an invite? Focus on the responsibilities that actually require your attention and let go of the rest.

Gemini: The Magician Reversed

What are you waiting for, Gemini? You know exactly what you want to do, yet you are holding yourself back from making a move. Do not doubt your own abilities! This is your cosmic reminder that you have the talent and tools to make the magic happen.

Cancer: Seven of Cups

Is it too good to be true, Cancer? A new opportunity is being presented to you, but something is preventing you from jumping in wholeheartedly. Is it just a little too shiny and sparkly and unbelievable? Pay attention to your intuition, dive a little deeper, and gather more information before fully committing.

Leo: Eight of Wands Reversed

Your weekly Tarot reading asks you to slow down, Leo. You are ready to rush into a new endeavor at full speed, but you are getting a little ahead of yourself here because in all of the excitement, you never planned which route to take to get you to your desired destination! Make a plan now so you can avoid making obvious mistakes and wasting time.

Virgo: Nine of Cups Reversed

Take it easy, Virgo. You have a lot going on right now so there is a strong desire to just blow off some steam and overindulge in the finer things in life. Before you proceed on a midweek bender of indulgence, ask yourself if short-term pleasure is worth the imminent emotional hangover.

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Libra: Knight of Wands

Check yourself, Libra. You are passionately inspired this week, but all this enthusiasm is blinding you from seeing the little details. Before rushing full steam ahead into your latest whim, double-check the fine print to avoid making silly mistakes or overlooking potential problems that could come back to bite you later.

Scorpio: Page of Swords Reversed

Put your money where your mouth is, Scorpio. You are a natural problem solver, but lately, you have been talking a big game with little action to back it up. Stop making promises you cannot keep and create a plan that you can actually bring to fruition before you lose your supportive audience.

Sagittarius: The Lovers

Consider the consequences, Sagittarius. This week’s energy is challenging your choices and decision-making skills. Remember that if you choose this, you cannot choose that right now. Try not to get so swept up in the moment that you forget all of your responsibilities because you will pay for it dearly.

Capricorn: Death

You know what you need to do, Capricorn. Something just is not working, and it does not look like it can be saved. It’s time to close the door, and let it end. The greatest gift you can give to yourself this week is to stop clinging to the past and embrace the excitement of the unknown future.

Aquarius: King of Swords

Your weekly Tarot reading asks you to remain objective, Aquarius. Everyone wants you to hear their side this week, but do not let others’ perspectives skew your own point of view when making fair decisions. You know the truth, and being impartial will help you bring light to it. Leave the leanings of your heart out of it.

Pisces: Ten of Wands

Does this really concern you, Pisces? Does this moment really need your involvement? You just want to be helpful, but before taking on more responsibilities, assess the situation and determine if you even have the bandwidth to invest your energy here. Save time and avoid the oncoming burnout from this expenditure.

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