Your Weekly Tarot Reading: January 11-January 17, 2021

January 10, 2021

This week we have a new moon in ambitious, practical, and disciplined Capricorn keeping with the energy of new beginnings and fresh starts. How can we best utilize this potent vibration to enhance our dedication to our intentions? Whether it is remembering to rest and refill our energetic cups, learn from past mistakes, or setting our boundaries, the Tarot cards hold the key to these highly sought-after answers!

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Aries: Four of Swords Reversed

Are you utterly exhausted, Aries? Make time to rest! You have been giving your energy to so many projects and people that your reserve is now running on empty. Before you completely burn out, take time for yourself and recharge. Chill out, sleep in, and take a digital detox this week.

Taurus: Page of Swords Reversed

Express yourself, Taurus! What are you holding in? It is so not like you to hold back how you are feeling, so let it out! Did someone upset you? Talk to them. Not sure of how someone feels about you? Let them know how you feel first! Don’t keep your emotions bottled up or you will explode.

Gemini: Ace of Cups Reversed

Do not withhold how you feel, Gemini. Are you so afraid of getting hurt that you find yourself holding back your true feelings? Do not let your past pain run your future. By not expressing yourself, you could be missing out on some major opportunities in the love department! Share your loving feelings this week…honestly, what is the worst that could happen?? At least now you will know.

Cancer: Ace of Pentacles Reversed

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, Cancer. A new financial opportunity is presenting itself to you, but remember that it is not a done deal until it goes through. Everything is feeling a bit precarious and an unexpected delay could pop up so make wise financial decisions this week.

Leo: The Fool Reversed

Is the timing right, Leo? Something has been brewing for a while and you are SO close to bringing it to fruition, but is this week really the week to do so? What is holding you back? Is it actually poor timing or is it just nerves with a side of imposter syndrome? Explore these feelings and then make your decision.

Virgo: The High Priestess

Your intuition is on fire this week, Virgo, but are you listening to it? Trust the messages that are coming through to you. Your inner knowing will lead you exactly to where you need to go right now. If something or someone doesn’t feel right, follow that instinct and steer clear.

Libra: Nine of Wands

Protect your energy, Libra. Expect people to challenge your boundaries this week, and this is your reminder to be unafraid of being firm in standing your ground. Gain clarity on what you need in order to be supported for success and let others know your expectations. If your needs cannot be met, it is okay to walk away.

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Scorpio: Nine of Pentacles

Celebrate your success, Scorpio! You have been working so hard, and this week is a good time to revel in all of your accomplishments. When was the last time you treated yourself? Go out and purchase a set of high thread count sheets in an opulent fabric! Sweet dreams are guaranteed.

Sagittarius: Three of Wands

Broaden your horizons, Sagittarius. It’s time to think bigger, increase your vision, and sharpen your skills. This week’s energy provides an aligned moment to invest more in yourself so that you are better prepared for the abundance of opportunities coming your way. Look into finally signing up for those classes you have been perusing forever.

Capricorn: Queen of Cups Reversed

Focus on your own well-being, Capricorn. Giving and giving your energy to everyone else has you verging on a major burnout! Prioritize your own self-care and refill your energetic cup so you can continue to be of service to others. Wouldn’t it be nice to just take a nap once in a while? Rest is a must.

Aquarius: The World Reversed

Do not slack off, Aquarius! You are just about to reach your goal and now you need to keep going! Losing focus and getting distracted are just forms of self-sabotage at this point in the game. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to greatness so just keep doing what you are doing and that long-awaited success will be yours.

Pisces: Six of Wands Reversed

Listen to your critics, Pisces. There is a balance between harsh judgment and helpful critiques, and right now, you could learn a valuable lesson from others’ input. It might be challenging to put your ego aside, but doing so will allow for personal growth and better decisions that benefit you in the future.
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