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Month of May 2020: Your concentration is on point during the sun-Mercury conjunction on May 4. You’re mentally alive and alert, and communication is your strength. If you have any studying to do, be sure to get it done during this transit. Memorization is especially easy now.??

A full moon in watery Scorpio on the seventh balances with the earthiness of the Taurus sun and helps you define what’s truly necessary in your life. Letting go is never easy, but lightening your load makes room for you to accept important new things later in this lunation. ??

Your power planet Mars enters gentle Pisces on May 12, making you feel a lot less confident and driven. You’re much more into concepts than action now, which is an extreme departure from how you usually are. More than anything, this transit is about adjusting your outlook, Aries. When you do, you’ll see things from a gentler, more compassionate perspective.??

Your mind is alert with possibilities when the sun enters curious Gemini on the twentieth, and variety is the key to life. You won’t want to stay with any one person or talk about any one topic for long. The world is a big, big place, and you have a lot to explore! ?

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