Your Weekly Tarot Reading: January 4-January 10, 2021

January 2, 2021

We are easing into January, and as we tap into the energy of the new year, the Tarot cards ask us to remain connected and go with the flow. Pay attention to where you feel resistance versus what comes easily and plan accordingly. Do you need help? Just ask. Do you need to take a break and reconfigure your intentions? Go ahead!

Not sure of what decision to make just yet? Take all of the time you need.

Let the cards assist you in attuning to the changing energy!

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Aries: Knight of Wands Reversed

Do not let unexpected delays get you down, Aries! You have a lot of enthusiasm for your new endeavors, but there will be some obstacles for you to overcome before everything really takes off. It is totally frustrating, but do not lose hope! Everything will get back on track after you do some light troubleshooting.

Taurus: Four of Cups Reversed

You do not need to do everything alone, Taurus! We all know you are totally capable of shouldering all of your responsibilities on your own, but this is your reminder that no one expects you to take on such a heavy solo burden. Help is being offered to you so why won’t you just accept it already?

Gemini: The Hanged Man Reversed

Open up your eyes, Gemini, and take a look around! Take a pause and lean into a new perspective to gain some much-needed clearer vision. Some major opportunities are being offered to you right now, but your inability to see the bigger picture is getting in your way of accepting them.

Cancer: Queen of Swords

Commit to your boundaries, Cancer. If something (or someone!) is draining your energy, it is okay to step back and renegotiate your terms. Do not worry about coming across as cold or mean (that is total nonsense!) because personal limits are a healthy form of self-care that allows for growth.

Leo: Seven of Swords

Resist the temptation to take a short cut, Leo! Address the current issue you are facing and spend the sufficient time needed to actually handle it. The effort you put in now will be beneficial as the seemingly “easy” way out will not be so simple when it blows up in your face in the near future!

Virgo: Eight of Cups Reversed

Is this opportunity worth the effort, Virgo? You are facing a moment of whether you should keep going or move on. If you are not quite sure what decision to make yet, give yourself some time and space to think through your options. Whatever you decide will be the right move.

Libra: The Magician Reversed

Are you feeling stagnant and an overall lack of energy, Libra? It might be the January blues or just a general malaise due to boredom, but whatever it is, it is nothing alarming! Take time this week to rest more and seek inspiration that reminds you of your own power. You will be feeling like yourself again soon!

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Scorpio: Seven of Pentacles Reversed

Be aware of time wasters, Scorpio. It will be easy to get distracted this week so make every effort to stay focused! Before embarking on a new task, ask yourself if this is actually a good use of your time or if your energy might be better spent elsewhere.

Sagittarius: King of Swords

Let your mind lead the way, Sagittarius. You have some important decisions to make this week that require sound judgment and fair impartiality. Lean into your logical side and your keen intellect so you will know exactly what to do. Once you make your choice, stand by it with confidence.

Capricorn: The Emperor

Change up your routine, Capricorn. Create a daily structure that works with and supports your current energy level. Are you more of a morning person or a night owl? Make a few tweaks to your old regime, and plan your schedule accordingly. Once you have that on lock, your days will flow so much more easily.

Aquarius: Eight of Wands Reversed

Stop making situations harder for yourself, Aquarius! Let go of trying to be in control of everything and attempt to go more with the flow. If something just isn’t working this week, step back and course correct your way around the obstacles. It will be far less frustrating if you accept the changes you need to make now.

Pisces: Three of Wands

Get out of your comfort zone, Pisces. Expect to see some progress within your endeavors this week. To keep this invigorating momentum going, it is time to think bigger and expand your knowledge. Consider what you can do to invest in furthering your education and sharpening your skills.

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