Your Weekly Tarotscope for January 10-16, 2022: New Plans on the Horizon!

January 10, 2022

Your weekly Tarotscope is here, and it has vital information for the week of January 10 to January 16. Here’s what the cards want you to know.

This week’s Tarot cards foretell new plans to be made and novel routes to travel on your own personal journey. As you create your map and develop your course, will you stick to the well-worn path you already know? Or is it time to take a chance and try an unexpected approach? Your Tarotscopes will show you the way to your cosmic itinerary.

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Aries: King of Pentacles Reversed

Focus on getting organized, Aries. If you want to accomplish major goals this year, you need to have a solid plan with a reasonable timeline. Break up your biggest dream into more manageable step-by-step initiatives so you have a guided checklist of what to work towards in order to stay motivated.

Taurus: Knight of Wands Reversed

Try a new route, Taurus. Something just isn’t working with your current game plan, and too many roadblocks are leaving you spinning your wheels with frustration as you are seemingly getting nowhere fast. Take a moment to step back and reassess your plans before making your next move.

Gemini: Eight of Wands Reversed

Create a new roadmap, Gemini. Every turn you take lately has been met with a major roadblock so pay attention. Maybe the Universe is trying to tell you something! If you are feeling stuck or just uninspired by boredom, it is time to make a major change. Shift your routine, take the road less traveled, and just do something totally different!

Cancer: Seven of Pentacles Reversed

Is it worth it, Cancer? You have been investing a lot of your time and energy into an endeavor, but where are the results? It is time to face the music and own up to the fact that the returns are not exactly meeting your expectations. Consider the possibilities, and don’t be afraid to cut your losses now.

Leo: Ace of Cups

Open your heart, Leo. This is your opportunity to expand your circle and make new connections with more emotional depth. The possibilities of new friendships and romance are abundant as long as you are willing to share your secrets and be more vulnerable as you get to know each other.

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Virgo: The Devil Reversed

Your weekly Tarotscope says it’s time to break that bad habit, Virgo. You know that pattern that no longer serves you or that unhealthy- bordering-on-destructive thing you do that you just know you should stop? Now is your time to do just that! Make a healthier choice and kick off the new year with more self-care that serves your best interests.

Libra: The Hanged Man

Take more time to reflect, Libra. Even though you feel an urgency to make a decision and forge ahead with your new plan, pay attention to the signs telling you to pause, slow down, and just wait so you can see what lies ahead more clearly. The best move right now is no move at all!

Scorpio: Two of Pentacles

Embrace a new sense of balance, Scorpio. Have you noticed that your priorities have been shifting lately? All work and no play is making life feel so dull! In order to indulge in your desire for more fun, you need to focus on using your time more efficiently and knowing when to put your work away.

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Sagittarius: The Hierophant

Stick to the tried and true, Sagittarius. You have your methods, and you know what works best for you, especially when facing a time crunch. This is not the time to get wildly creative by testing out a hunch or acting on impulse. Just do what you need to do!

Capricorn: The Star Reversed

Your weekly Tarotscope wants you to reconnect to what feels most important to you, Capricorn. Is your everyday routine beginning to feel dull and unsatisfying? Are you feeling uninspired at work? Reflect on the bigger picture and get back to your roots in order to make changes that reignite that old spark.

Aquarius: Six of Swords Reversed

Get the loose ends tied up, Aquarius. It’s hard to move when something remains unresolved because before you can move forward, you have to address what has been holding you back. Say what must be said and find that closure you need this week so you can move on uninhibited by the past.

Pisces: The Moon

Follow your intuition, Pisces. This current situation is not exactly what it seems and requires more time to unfold fully. Follow your instincts as a guide to make a solid decision, and if something doesn’t feel right then you have your answer. Don’t doubt it