Dog Monthly Chinese Horoscopes

Month of December 2023

The month of December brings Dog natives the I Ching hexagram of heaven over lake (10).

Dog, your actions are very visible now. Your reputation is on the line. How you respond to others or a situation is very noticeable now. Don’t answer anyone in anger, avoid making impulsive decisions, and don’t take any rash actions. You want to stay composed at this time. Allow others to reveal their cards or lose their heads. By doing so, you’ll position yourself for victory.

There is a new moon on December 12. Dog, you could be the life of the party. You might receive more party invitations than you have in a long time. In fact, you might have to go from one party to another. It’s also possible that you’re hosting a party that is well attended. You shine in social situations now.

On December 26, there is a full moon. Dog, you might be completely out of your routine right now. It’s possible you’re on a vacation from work or, if you are working, your office is short-staffed and you’re wearing more hats than usual. It’s also possible that because the kids are home from school or relatives are in town, your general routine is upended.

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