Dog Monthly Chinese Horoscopes

Month of July 2024

The month of July brings Dog natives the I Ching hexagram of lake over wind (28).

Dog, you could be breaking records this month. Perhaps you have a stretch goal and now you can exceed it. You can go beyond other people’s expectations and sail past their markers. Things come together to help you fulfill your potential. You can take a bigger step now or even leap. You can really maximize opportunities now, so set your sights high.

There is a new moon on Friday, July 5. Your job could be expanding with added duties. This might be a sign that there’s a promotion or salary bump in your future. If you’re seeking employment, you might find some good opportunities in the realms of science, engineering, technology, and organizations dedicated to humanitarian causes. Even if you’re not trained in one of these fields, you could find a supporting position.

Sunday, July 21, brings the full moon. A newfound interest in spiritual connections could spark at this time. You might be very interested in the concept of affirmations, spiritual walks, or meditation. Dog, you are embarking on a journey of self-discovery now. This is a good time to explore the tools for that wondrous and magical expedition.

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