dog Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for December 2022

Month of December 2022 This Month

The month of December brings you the information you need.

December 7 is the start of the Yang water Rat month, and Dog, you could be quite focused on your or your kids’ education over the next four weeks. It’s possible you’re finding gifts for teachers or finishing up a term paper. You might be meeting with teachers or reviewing the holiday homework assignments of your kids. It’s also possible you’re spending a lot of time watching cooking and crafting tutorials online.

There is a full moon on the seventh, and Dog, there might be a new addition to the family. Someone could announce a pregnancy or be giving birth. It’s also possible that the new addition is a pet of a friend. You might get to meet a new puppy and have your friend’s dog meet your dog for a play date.

December 23 brings the new moon, and Dog, it’s good to plan your escape. You’ve been working nonstop for quite a while, and now you need a vacation. It would be ideal to go to a warm, sunny spot that doesn’t have cell service, but if that isn’t possible, you can hide out at home where you can watch movies or play video games.

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