dog Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for April 2021

Month of April 2021 This Month

Your I Ching hexagram for the month of April is fire under thunder (55). This month brings an opportunity for gain. It's a good idea to put in maximum effort and focus your mental powers on the success you want to obtain. Success is possible through the amazing connections you can make this month. You may have been playing cautiously up until now but, in April, you want to accept the hand you've been dealt and go all in.

The new moon is on April 11 and, Dog native, there's a lot of energy around education (with both traditional and modern programs). You might be working with your kids to help them get into college or find scholarships. You might be filling out paperwork for financial aid. There's also the possibility that you're taking tests or helping someone close to you prepare for theirs.

On April 26, there is the full moon. You have some great opportunities around your career. You could move up in the company or shift positions to something you like more. Your work is admired by several coworkers as well as a supervisor—so, you have more doors opening for you at this time.