horse Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for January 2022

Month of January 2022 This Month

Your month of January begins with the I Ching hexagram of lake over wind (28). Now it’s good to throw your energy and resources at a worthy goal. It’s time to lean in and give it your all. You could look back at this time with satisfaction because you are able to accomplish something extraordinary.

The new moon is on Jan. 2, and, Horse, you might receive some exciting news from a family member or close relative. This could involve some property owned by the family or a family business. And while there are still some decisions to make, and perhaps negotiations, this process could be very beneficial for you. This could give you a foundation that you can build on.

The seventeenth brings the full moon, and there’s quite an exceptional financial opportunity available to you, but only if you take the harder (and possibly slower) road. Don’t cut corners here. Don’t take a financial risk that you couldn’t explain to your grandmother in under five minutes. You can gain financially at this time, but be careful of investments that are really just gambling in disguise. It’s okay to occasionally put some money on the ponies—just don’t bet the farm.