horse Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for October 2021

Month of October 2021 This Month

Horse native, the month of October brings you more confidence and magnetism. People are drawn to you at this time. You can meet new friends, influencers, and potential mentors. People are gathering around to help you.

The Yang earth Dog month begins on October 8. Over the next four weeks, you may be starting a new exercise routine. You might get a Peloton bike, NordicTrack treadmill, or perhaps a rowing machine. In this Yang earth Dog month, exercise helps you keep up with the pack.

On October 6, it is the new moon, and you have financial resources available to you. You can negotiate for lower interest rates to help with credit card debt or student loans. Horse, a financial advisor seems to be going above and beyond to help you out.

The full moon is on October 20. There's a lot of activity at home. You might get a new piece of furniture or a state-of-the-art television. Getting this item through the door or mounted on the wall is quite a project. Horse, you can enlist some help from friends and family to get it done. Once it's installed, you will see it was a good choice.