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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

June 20, 2024

You'll feel inspired to take your financial situation more seriously, dearest Scorpio, as the Sagittarius moon connects with the Nodes of Fate. Harness these vibes by breaking any spending habits that have left you with more stuff and less savings. Try not to resist change when the sun and Neptune square off, which could cause you to avoid problems that need addressing. You'll feel elevated as summer kicks off and the sun enters Cancer this afternoon, marking an era of intuition, luck, and manifestation. Just try not to get ahead of yourself when Saturn becomes agitated this evening, pacing yourself when chasing fun.

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Daily Food Horoscope

You may be on a higher mental plane than your friends today, so don't expect to get into many intellectual conversations, unless you consider analyzing the films of David Spade to be intellectual. You could help by treating them to grilled salmon filets and spinach salad for dinner. Hopefully, the brain-stimulating Omega-3's help them to attain your stratospheric mental heights, although that's highly unlikely.

Daily Home Horoscope

Where in the world could your favorite pair of sweat pants have gone? It seems ridiculous to fret over such small things, but this is a mystery that you can't let go of today. With momentum and a chunk of time on your hands, start tearing the house apart.

Daily Dog Horoscope

You liven up the park today, whipping your buddies into a frenzied whirlwind of legs and tails. You need down time, too, so find that one spot in the house where you can be truly alone.

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Daily Teen Horoscope

Expect today to feel just like the formula for a blockbuster movie: an explosive beginning followed by some laughs, some romance, a big misunderstanding and then finally everything works out for you at the last minute. The end.

Daily Cat Horoscope

You and your people are finding it harder and harder to suppress some weird feelings -- so it's your job to go nuts and give them permission to start yapping about it! Cats lead the way, as usual.

Daily Bonus Horoscope

All you have to do today is follow your instincts -- they're rock solid!