scorpio Daily Horoscope for May 12, 2021

May 12, 2021

As a Scorpio, you crave intimate encounters that offer you authentic connections. This natural craving runs high today, as the story-telling Gemini moon merges with lover Venus. It’s an ideal day to confide in a lover, vent in a therapeutic setting, or seal the deal on joint collaborations. Messenger Mercury forms a supportive connection with grounded Saturn too, making it an ideal day for making long-term plans concerning living situations.

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Daily Love

Today's moon will shake up your haunted eighth house of sex, intimate unions, energetic exchanges, and soul bonds, highlighting everything from shared resources to residual energies partnership energies. Keep in mind, Mercury, Venus, and the North Node are also igniting this area of your birth chart, so the thought of merging, let alone the ability to "give and take" in your current situation is being brought to your attention. Your traditional ruler, Mars, is also in harmony with freedom-loving Uranus in your relationship sector, which means you're likely in the midst of a powerful rebirth during this time. Relationships keeping you stagnant won't make the cut, Scorpio.

Daily Work

Dear Scorpio, your investments or important work agreements are the focus of your day. Contract-oriented Mercury in Gemini is in your eighth house of shared resources and debts, bringing attention to the details of a new or existing agreement. With benefic Venus in the mix of this energy, new updates can provide stability and help empower your work. This also could come in the form of others wanting to invest in your idea or a business loan. Make use of these new resources wisely.

Daily Dating

You can't quite get a grasp on someone you thought you knew well, but it's not really a sign that it's time to panic or run away! Sometimes you just need to accept a temporary defeat.

Daily Bonus

Embrace laziness. Find time to goof off today; get others in on the fun too.