scorpio Daily Horoscope for September 24, 2021

September 24, 2021

All eyes are on your close relationships today, Scorpio. The moon treks through your opposite sign of stability-seeking Taurus, helping you tune into the current narrative taking place in your romantic one-on-one’s. Luna’s entanglement with the opposition of Venus and Uranus can help you seek closure around any relationship disruptions or drama that took place yesterday. Aim to solve problems, but don’t bend over backwards or lose your story.

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Daily Love

Hold space for your lover's emotional needs, Scorpio. You get what you give, and your patience is likely being tested during this time. Single or taken, today's opposition between the moon in your relationship sector and Venus in your sign creates some tension between your smoldering desires vs. your lover's idea of emotional stability. Luna will eventually join forces with freedom-loving Uranus, which may, in turn, trigger some unexpected events and/or feelings. On another note, Luna's sextile to Neptune via your romantic fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure, highlights your compassion and selflessness in the love department. Follow your intuition.

Daily Work

As Mars trines Saturn retrograde today, you may want to try one more time before moving on at work. There could be something you have been trying to tackle, whether it be a project or responsibility. Something about this aspect of work has not worked in your favor. Maybe you lack the ambition to get going or the desire to try again, so use today as a time to try one more time to make this part of your job work. If you do not make any progress, move on and try again next week.

Daily Dating

There's a lot you can do to wiggle out from the current situation, and almost everything will involve letting someone else have their way before you get yours. Don't worry about things too much right now.

Daily Bonus

Secrets are getting spilled all over the place... but it's not safe to share yours.