scorpio Daily Horoscope for May 9, 2021

May 9, 2021

You’re no stranger to stormy moods, Scorpio. Expect them to make an appearance beneath Sunday’s skies, as the hotheaded Aries moon squares off with brooding Pluto. This energy prompts you to examine how your communication style—specifically what you do or do not choose to express—creates stress. Fortunately, the moon goes onto a pleasant meet-up with mood-boosting Jupiter that smooths things over before transitioning into sensual Taurus.

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Daily Love

Sultry Venus officially slipped into your haunted eighth house of sex, intimacy, taboo, and soulmate connections, adding a layer of mystifying charm to your romantic unions. And despite whether you're currently single or already attached, one thing's for sure during this time, which is your desire for intensity, passion, and soul-to-soul connections. Scorpio, I'm sure this sounds like a regular day for you, but if anything, that's what makes this transit even better. Surface-level conversations and superficialities go out the door, and today's harsh square between the moon and your smoldering ruler, Pluto, can't emphasize this enough. Be honest with yourself, and your lover.

Daily Work

Scorpion, it would be wise to approach others carefully at this time. You may share a belief or idea that colleagues or those in your workspace don’t agree with. There can be misunderstandings and emotion, as Mars in Cancer is forming a difficult aspect with wounded Chiron in Aries in your sixth house of work. Try to be aware of your words today and tread lightly with certain topics. Use your intuition.

Daily Dating

New information is coming your way, so hop to it and make sure you can make the most of it. It's a good time for you to really jump into the research wherever makes the most sense to you.

Daily Bonus

Go beyond just tolerating different opinions and people; learn to understand them.