scorpio Daily Horoscope for March 9, 2021

March 9, 2021 Today

Contradicting energies permeate the day ahead, Scorpio. The moon dips into thoughtful Aquarius, making for an introverted day that focuses mostly on home and family matters. Luna forms a strong link with energetic Mars, pushing you to take action around any unaddressed relationship or monetary concerns. Later, the moon argues with change-bringer Uranus and tradition-preserving Saturn, highlighting stresses between your personal past and your relationship’s future.

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Daily Love

With the moon lighting up your cozy fourth house space, not to mention sitting in a pragmatic conjunction with Saturn, you're bound to experience a sense of fear and/or limitation—but not to worry, Scorpio. With luscious Venus shaking up your expressive fifth house of love, romance, pleasure, chances are if you've been doing the work, then you're in for a treat. The catch? Lady Venus will also clash with the North Node in your erotic eighth house of intimacy, joint collaborations, and soulmate connections today—challenging you to discern between the real deal and a romantic fling. Listen to your instincts.

Daily Work

Dear Scorpio, financial matters can be highlighted for you. Your ruling planet, Mars, is in the sign of Gemini in your eighth house of other people’s money and investments. This can become an important conversation in your work. Perhaps you have been waiting for a loan or more stability in your client base? This is a time where you can start to have those conversations to begin moving past any delays or roadblocks you have been experiencing.

Daily Dating

You can't trust anyone today, at least not to handle the details. Pay your own bills, make sure you deal with texts and messages right away, and just generally take notice of all the small stuff.

Daily Bonus

You don't have to know your next five moves. Figure it out as you go along.