Monkey Monthly Chinese Horoscopes

Month of June 2023 This Month

The month of June brings Monkey natives the I Ching hexagram of mountain over heaven (46).

Monkey, a chance meeting might bring you a new connection. A new relationship could blossom overnight. You might get very close to someone that you only knew in passing before. Right now, there is great potential connected to those around you. It’s time to open up and meet new people.

Saturday, June 3, is the full moon. Monkey, you’re meeting a lot of interesting people. It’s possible you are doing something social that you don’t often do. You’re more noticeable right now, and people are looking forward to meeting you. This is a good time to break out of your comfort some.

There’s a new moon on Saturday, June 17. Monkey, you could meet someone who’s willing to mentor you in a business or a particular type of investing. You might meet with a group of people who are in a business niche or on the cutting edge of some type of technology. It’s likely someone is going to ask you to invest in either the group or what they’re selling. This is a good time to review contracts carefully. These could be great people to know, but don’t part with your money too easily.

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