monkey Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for April 2021

Month of April 2021 This Month

Your I Ching hexagram for this month is fire over mountain (56). This month, the little things matter. It's the small drip that signals the potential plumbing problem in the future. Monkey native, you're quite intelligent and move very quickly. But in April, this can make you susceptible to missing important details. Stop and double-check things before moving forward.

The new moon is on April 11 and, Monkey native, there's a lot of creative and fertility energy. This is a great time to work on your music or art. If you're writing a novel, you could find an excellent editor or an agent at this time. You might want to send out some query letters. Or, you could consider publishing your work yourself. If you're looking to expand the family, there is some excellent energy over the next two weeks for this.

On April 26, the full moon brings a lot of mystical energy. You might be reading a series of novels that have magical or fantastical themes. But you may also find like-minded people who want to explore that magical life. Look for groups that read tarot cards or talk about past lives. You could find hypnosis beneficial at this time.