Monkey Monthly Chinese Horoscopes

Month of April 2024

The month of April brings Monkey natives the I Ching hexagram of mountain over water (4).

This month, you’re learning something new. It might feel awkward and difficult yet completely engaging. Remember that you love learning new things. When you learned to walk, you didn’t give up. So even if you fall down in this current process, get up, dust yourself off, and try again. This is the way to succeed.

There is a solar eclipse on Monday, April 8. Monkey, you might need to help one of your kids or a younger relative. They could ask you for material assistance, such as a loan to help them purchase something they want very much. You’d like to throw in some advice and imparts some sage wisdom, but they might not be ready to hear it now. You’ll have to decide what kind of help you want to offer.

Tuesday, April 23, brings the full moon. Monkey, you might be drawn to a spiritual practice now. You could be doing yoga or journaling every morning. You might consider trying a type of meditation that involves chanting, singing, or dancing. This is a good time to gaze at the full moon and talk to the stars.

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