Monkey Monthly Chinese Horoscopes

Month of December 2023

The month of December brings Monkey natives the I Ching hexagram of earth over lake (19).

Monkey, you have extra luck right now. It appears to others that you’re in the right place at the right time, but of course you’ve been working on pulling all of these things together for a while. You’re like a chess master now, setting everything up perfectly so you can win the match. This is a time when everything seems to come together in a way that makes you smile.

There is a new moon on December 12. Monkey, even though the year isn’t quite over, you could be thinking a lot about the future. You might be doing some long-term planning right now. You might meet with your partner to talk about your five-year plan. It’s also possible that you see the future more clearly now, including trends and possible new investments.

On December 26, there is a full moon. Monkey, your finances are showing improvement. You might receive some real benefits from your job. It’s also possible that there is a bump in your investments at this time. You could receive extra income from your side business. It’s also possible to get business funding now.

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