rabbit Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for October 2022

Month of October 2022 This Month

For Rabbit natives, the month of October brings the I Ching hexagram of water under lake (47). 

You need a break. Some time over the next four weeks, it would be a good idea to take a vacation or some extra days off. You need to find ways to rejuvenate yourself. Consider meditation or going to a spa. It’s time to pause the forward movement to assess how far you’ve come and where you should be heading. It’s important to ruminate at this time.

There’s a full moon on October 9. Rabbit, you’re easily seen right now. It’s possible that you’re doing something on stage or your social media pictures are going viral. If you’re traveling, others are happy to see you. They’re dropping what they normally do to show you around town and have a good time.

The twenty-fifth brings a partial solar eclipse, and Rabbit, there’s a lot of energy around kids right now. Your child could be bringing home a date, or you might be hosting a slumber party for younger children. Even if you don’t have kids, they seem to be in your life right now. You might be watching after your sibling’s child or working with a children’s charity.

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