rabbit Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for July 2021

Month of July 2021 This Month

For Rabbit natives, your hexagram for July is lake over mountain (31). You are magnetic this month. You are able to attract to you what you desire. You might be feeling quite self-reliant now, and yet, others step up to help you. You may feel a sense of balance. You can easily shift from being single to being in a relationship or from being alone to being among friends.

The new moon is on July 9 and, Rabbit native, over the next two weeks, you have more charisma and magnetism than usual. Others are noticing your strong abilities and talents. This is not a time to be modest but to accept the accolades of others. If you're looking for love, now is the time to post your profile.

July 23 brings the full moon and it shines a light on your long-term savings. It's good to look at your 401(k), IRA, or other retirement financial instruments. You may not want to make any changes. But as you examine past transactions and look at growth rates, you are bringing energy to this area of your life. It's also good to make sure you are building your emergency fund and are thinking about your long-term future.