Rabbit Monthly Chinese Horoscopes

Month of March 2024

The month of March brings Rabbit natives the I Ching hexagram of wind under mountain (18). 

Sometimes it’s necessary to let things go. Sometimes things are no longer useful or they deteriorate, fall apart, or even decay. And this can go beyond just objects or fuzzy food in the back of the refrigerator. Sometimes this refers to relationships that are past their time, old ideas, and limiting beliefs. This month, consider decluttering from the inside out.

There is a new moon on Sunday, March 10. Rabbit, something you know and are sure about is challenged now. A rule or a piece of information now gets tested. If you’re mentally flexible, this can be a wonderful breakthrough. You could feel enlightened, and this information could help free you from a limiting situation as you suddenly see a new way to go.

The lunar eclipse is on Monday, March 25. You might be gathering with family members for a special occasion. There could be a celebration, graduation, or milestone birthday. As you come together, you can share stories and find out how you can support each other. For some Rabbit natives, this will mark a pregnancy or the birth of a child.

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