rooster Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for May 2021

Month of May 2021 This Month

The month of May begins with the hexagram of water over water (29). Rooster native, you are brave and ready to stand in the spotlight at any moment. But in the month of May, it's unwise to stick your neck out. It's good to mind your own business and not ruffle the feathers of people in authority (or anyone in a foul mood). Get down off the stage and observe others this month. You can learn a lot.

The new moon is on May 11, and Rooster native, there is some excellent energy for romance. If you're looking for love, it's time to make a push to get your profile done and your pictures up on a dating website. Tell your friends you're ready to date. You might even want to light a red candle while picturing the type of person you would like to meet.

May 26 is the lunar eclipse, and it's time to listen to your inner thoughts. Your higher self is speaking to you, giving you guidance and inspiration. This is a great time to be looking at removing self-sabotaging narratives and self-limiting inner dialogues. You might want to do some journaling or to talk to a counselor about this.