rooster Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for January 2022

Month of January 2022 This Month

Your month of January begins with the I Ching hexagram of earth under wind (20). You can rise above a petty situation, and find peace as you watch others scramble after little rewards. You’re an inspiration to others now, as you take your time to understand the bigger picture.

The new moon is on Jan. 2, and, Rooster, you are in the spotlight as others seek you out for your knowledge, skills, and experience. If you’re looking for love, you could attract an extremely appealing option. You might be impressed by this person’s style and zany sense of humor. Now is not the time to be shy. Put yourself forward, and see what kind of connection you can make.

The seventeenth brings the full moon, and your ex could be back in town. Someone you used to go out with might show up on your doorstep, or, perhaps, you run into them at the grocery store. And now you have all those feelings that you had before, the feelings you thought were over and done. You can get quite sentimental, but that doesn’t mean you need to move backward. Be cautious if you’re thinking about getting back together with an old flame.