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Month of January 2023 This Month

The month of January brings you the I Ching hexagram of mountain under heaven (33).

Rooster, you might be facing some opposition to an idea or a project you’re working on. And sometimes it isn’t the right time to push through. Sometimes it’s the right time to set it aside and allow the energies to percolate. Now is the time to stop forward movement, step back, and reassess what you’re doing.

There’s a full moon on January 6, and Rooster, you might meet someone for a love relationship. And the thing you like is that this person is very much like you. They have similar beliefs or work in a related profession, and they laugh at your jokes. This could be quite a match where the two of you come together to find you have a lot in common.

There’s a new moon on January 22, and the year of the water Rabbit begins. Rooster, while this year can bring some challenges, it is the beginning of your harvest time. This is when looking at your finances and paying attention to income and expenditures can really be beneficial. This is a time of gathering in and accumulating. Look for where there are money opportunities that you can scoop up and bring home.

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