libra Daily Horoscope for June 22, 2021

June 22, 2021

You’ve been completely re-evaluating your direction in life, Libra. Mercury’s retrograde phase asked you to dig deep and revisit your current educational plans and the tools you’re employing for self-expansion. Tuesday’s skies find this phase coming to a halt, as Mercury turns direct. This change of motion brings a welcome sense of clarity and a rush of energy toward taking the next step.

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Daily Love

The sun's glimmering through your ambitious tenth house of career, authority, and reputation in the world, and the spotlight's on you, Libra. Single? Today's harmonious trine between the moon in your curious third house of communication and audacious Mars in your freedom-loving eleventh house of extended networks, creates a sweet synergy between your heart and your red-hot passions. Although, more importantly, this stellar trine will also increase the likelihood of connecting with like-minded individuals who share similar hopes and dreams. Perhaps things may start off more platonic, but that doesn't mean they won't grow into something romantic in the future.

Daily Work

Dear Libra, communication has been strained for you—especially in the workplace. Past issues or situations were dredged up by the planet of communication, Mercury, which turns direct today in the sign of Gemini. This was in order for you to resolve them and improve your day-to-day work life. Mercury is forming a difficult aspect with hazy Neptune in Pisces in your sixth house of work, so this added another layer. You will begin to see improvements at work starting today. 

Daily Dating

You may be a little love-crazed right now, but that's not all that's on your mind. You've got so much social energy running through you that you can't help but share some of it with others.

Daily Bonus

This situation provides flexibility -- take advantage of free time and relax.