libra Daily Horoscope for January 18, 2022

January 18, 2022

Opportunities to grow your financial situation will manifest over the next 18 months, thanks to the nodal shift taking place this afternoon. As the north node enters Taurus and the south node assumes its place in Scorpio, you'll find yourself shedding unproductive or frivolous spending habits in favor of smart investments and savings. If you're in a committed relationship, you could also find yourself joining finances with that special someone over the next year and a half, making it important that you have serious conversations about what your financial goals are for the future. If your partner can't get on board with building up your bank account, it might be time to find someone who will take such matters more seriously.

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Daily Love

It's a big day in the cosmos, and it's no exception for you, Libra. For instance, in addition to the nodes of destiny officially entering the Taurus-Scorpio axis — a.k.a. your second house of values and eighth house of intimacy — revolutionary Uranus will also station direct in Taurus and your eighth house of sex, shared resources, and soulmate connections. Having said that, whether you're currently single or already taken, these significant shifts will present you with an opportunity to break free from toxic entanglements that are no longer serving your highest good. Today's moon in Leo reminds you to lean on your friends for support.

Daily Work

Are you ready for changes in your finances, Libra? As of today, Uranus is direct in Taurus, hitting your hidden sector of merged assets and joint investments with a wave of rebellion. Uranus is slowly but surely quaking with change, taking your money in new directions. It may feel fated or destined as the north node retrograde is also in Taurus, meaning it is in the same sector of Uranus. The catalyst for change may be more personal as the south node retrograde in Scorpio shakes up your bank account, encouraging you to seek power through joint accounts.

Daily Dating

There's a right place and time for everything, so don't lose your temper just yet. Make sure you're not targeting the wrong person. Don't tell off your boss if you're mad at last night's date.

Daily Bonus

Take what's been in the back of your mind and bring it to the center of your focus.