libra Daily Horoscope for July 28, 2021

July 28, 2021

Your approach towards your work/life balance has been encountering some major shifts, Libra. You’ve been investing so much energy into embracing new growth on the job front. Jupiter’s presence in Pisces has encouraged this change of direction, but today’s skies see Jupiter retrograding back into heady Aquarius. This shift brings expansion to your creative abilities and helps you garner greater confidence, now through the rest of the year.

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Daily Love

What have you been quietly contemplating and keeping to yourself, Libra? Amidst Venus’ journey through your twelfth house of closure, dreams, hidden agendas, and everything behind the scenes, today's moon in assertive Aries will shake up your committed seventh house of significant others and one-on-one connections. Luna will be in harmony with Saturn retrograde via your romantic fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure, but it will also join forces with the wounded healer, Chiron, in the process. Are your emotional needs being met in your current relationship? Do you feel comfortable expressing your heart's desires?

Daily Work

Jupiter was showering you in professional good fortune as he visited your solar sixth house of employment in recent months, Libra. However, today, as he moonwalks back into your solar fifth house of creativity, you’ll find that you become especially inspired. Our Great Benefic will remain here until the end of the year, giving you the chance to explore artistic ideas that you can integrate into your professional life. If you already operate in an explicitly artistic realm, note that you must use this time to explore unique ideas and techniques that will be set you apart. Let the Muse do the talking as you listen and learn.


Daily Dating

You'd need a microscope to see everything that's going on around here, with the secret plans and hidden egos. But details aren't actually all that important right now -- you're better off pulling back and focusing on the big picture.

Daily Bonus

Go ahead and get your hopes up -- it's a good day to be optimistic about the world.