libra Daily Horoscope for March 2, 2021

By Mackenzie Greer

March 2, 2021 Today

As a Libra, you tend to consider the needs of those around you before you consider yourself. Tuesday’s skies suggest that it's time to give yourself some much needed TLC, as the moon cruises through your sign. The mid-day hours can stir up some emotionally unsettling material around family matters that needs addressing. But fortunately, the moon’s evening entrance into reserved Scorpio should help you balance yourself back out emotionally.

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Daily Love

The moon's in your sign today, and it's making harmonious aspects to Mercury and lucky Jupiter via your romantic fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure, so you don't hesitate to wear your big heart on your pink sleeve, Libra. And despite whether you're currently single or already in a committed partnership, this cosmic configuration is encouraging you to speak from the heart, even if it may seem difficult at first. This is especially true when referring to your non-confrontational and harmony-seeking personality, so consider this your cosmic cue to step it up and speak your truth. Amorous messages from your crush or potential prospect are likely.

Daily Work

Dear Libra, you can start to find joy again and pleasure in your work routine. Things may have become mundane or unenjoyable due to restrictions. Now, as your ruling planet, Venus, continues to influence your sixth house of work, opportunities to show off your creativity can occur. Scheduling a team brainstorm, or even creating time away from your home office in order to feel inspired is key today. Ideas will come out of nowhere… you just have to catch them and write them down.

Daily Dating

Right now you are primed to try something totally new. It's the best time to toss your plans and get going in a new direction on the spur of the moment.

Daily Bonus

No one needs to tell you to go with the flow. Everyone wants to trail in your wake.