sheep Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for August 2022

Month of August 2022 This Month

For Goat natives, the month of August brings the I Ching hexagram of heaven under mountain (26). 

Now is the time to move forward with full force. Bring all of your energy, intellect and resources to bear to get a project done. This might mean you’re launching a business or taking your relationship to the next level. Even if you’re going on vacation, do it with intention and be present. That way, you can experience every day to its full potential.

The full moon is on August 11, and there are some challenges at home. If you’re moving, you might find it difficult to locate an ideal new place. Goat, you might have to look at where you need to compromise. Or perhaps you’re doing some renovations, but it’s hard to get the workmen to show up. Or when they do show up, they are hours late and arrive without the materials they need. This frustration is temporary, but it’s aggravating nonetheless.

The twenty-seventh brings the new moon, and a new friendship could blossom into romance (or at least a lot of flirting). Goat, it’s possible you’re crossing that boundary into a physical relationship. It’s likely you’re thinking about it, talking about it and even fantasizing about the possibilities.

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