Sheep Monthly Chinese Horoscopes

Month of March 2024

The month of March brings Goat natives the I Ching hexagram of thunder under water (40). 

This month, you can be delivered out of a difficult situation. You might have been wishing and praying for some door to open. Now, finally, it swings open and you can get out of an oppressive situation. Look for something new. Changes that happen now are here to help you move into a better set of circumstances.

There is a new moon on Sunday, March 10. Goat, by putting more funding into your life you not only help yourself but also have an opportunity to meet someone new for a friendship or love relationship. This is especially important if you’ve been looking for love for a while. Consider participating in some social activities that could be enjoyable but still push you outside your comfort zone at least a little bit.

The lunar eclipse is on Monday, March 25. Goat, you might be more interested in cultivating a daily spiritual practice. The energy of such a practice builds over time. This might mean reading sacred texts, praying, or meditating. If you were doing something before, this is a good time to renew that commitment. The benefits you can gain from this will permeate all aspects of your life.

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