gemini Daily Horoscope for April 20, 2021

April 20, 2021

Your quiet Twin reigns supreme this time of year, Gemini. Let it guide you inward, where you can begin to shine a light onto painful blockages and damaging cycles that inhibit your growth. The first quarter moon in expressive Leo emerges today, helping you explore what elements of your mental health need support. This aspect also helps you become aware of correctable flaws in your communication style.

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Daily Love

You're keeping things a secret for now, and you're doing the right thing, Gemini. Your savvy planetary ruler, Mercury, will join coquettish Venus in your twelfth house of closure, dreams, hidden agendas, and all things behind the scenes today. This is bringing your attention to themes surrounding your past, and perhaps other things you've kept under wraps. Keep in mind, today's moon will shake up your chatty third house of communication, thought process, and immediate exchanges, but it will simultaneously clash with Venus and Uranus in your karmic twelfth house of secrets. Your bark might not be as loud as your bite but don't worry… that won't last long.

Daily Work

Gemini, you are the most creative sign regarding the written word and vocal expression. You intuitively know how to communicate, and today this emotional intelligence can be a great asset at work. There is a visionary aspect occurring: the Leo moon in your third house of communication is forming an opposition with expansive Jupiter in your ninth house of higher messages. This is a moment to release a project you are working on or present your ideas at work. It can be a growing moment for you, solidifying your expertise in your field.

Daily Dating

Try not to worry too much about where things have been going lately. Now is the time to accept them and maybe even push them more strongly in the same direction! It's not so hard.

Daily Bonus

True friendship grows out of mutual admiration and respect. Share your differences!