2022 is here! Reveal what’s to come in love, health, career, and finances with a personalized 2022 Horoscope. 2022 is here! Reveal what’s to come in love, health, career, and finances with a personalized 2022 Horoscope.

gemini Daily Horoscope for January 27, 2022

January 27, 2022

You'll seem larger than life to your admirers right now, dear Gemini, as the Sagittarius moon travels through the sector of your chart that governs matters of the heart. Love will be in the air right now, but lucky for you, you won't have to chase it. Admires will look for ways to speak with you right now, so pay attention to who enters your orbit, as well as what they're saying. If someone you're interested in pops up, this might be a good time to suggest a hangout session so that you can get closer to the object of your desire.

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Daily Love

Your curious planetary ruler, Mercury, re-entered Capricorn and your intimate eighth house of sex, mergers, and collaborations recently, bringing similar themes back around for a second look. Gemini, you could be in the process of getting to know someone, but the more open you are to this opportunity, the more your bond will deepen. Moreover, upon the moon's shift into spontaneous Sagittarius via your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, and significant others today, there will be greater emphasis on themes surrounding your one-on-one connections, as well as you and your lover's ability to compromise. Surrender the need to control, and go with the flow.

Daily Work

While the moon was in Scorpio over the last few days, you may have been incredibly emotionally invested in your job. You may have radically transformed your work routine and environment during this lunation. Now that the work is done, the moon leaves restorative Scorpio for your opposite sign, Sagittarius. Gemini, it is time to get connected under the new lunar energy! Use the lively moon to entertain your work relationships and commitments with a sense of optimism. Now is the time to explore your options with an open mind while maintaining a friendly rapport within your current relationships.

Daily Dating

Everyone's all talk right now. Normally that would be fine with you, but at the moment you can see a narrow window of opportunity for you and your people. Spur them into action.

Daily Bonus

You might not be in the right frame of mind to make tough leadership decisions now.