Tiger Monthly Chinese Horoscopes

Month of March 2024

The month of March brings Tiger natives the I Ching hexagram of thunder over heaven (43). 

This month, obstacles mean nothing to you. What might have seemed like an insurmountable mountain before is now merely a curb that you can step onto easily. This could be due to planning you’ve been doing and visualizing the steps needed to achieve your goal. Or in typical Tiger fashion, you could just run forward and find that the obstruction ahead is nothing to worry about.

There is a new moon on Sunday, March 10. Tiger, your inner light is shining forth, and this can cause you to be noticed. Your resume rises to the top of the pile. You move forward to the head of the pack. This is the time to look for a new job, say yes to an interview, or launch a product or service for your business.

The lunar eclipse is on Monday, March 25. Tiger, you could be pulled out of your routine to focus on one of your kids or a young relative. They might need more help than usual. They might be making a decision that you know well. Others could come to you for advice. It is also possible that there is a pregnancy in your family.

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