Tiger Monthly Chinese Horoscopes

Month of June 2024

The month of June brings Tiger natives the I Ching hexagram of wind over earth (20). 

Tiger, there are many things happening around you, and you could easily get spun around. Or you can sit in the eye of the storm, gaining wisdom through thoughtful analysis, keen observations, and stillness. By slowing down and listening to your heart and the Universe, you can find the answers you’re looking for. Then you will be ready to take action.

On Thursday, June 6, there is a new moon. Tiger, this is a very busy time for you, especially when it comes to social events and dating. Over the next couple weeks, you and your partner could attend a wedding, birthday party, or anniversary dinner. If you’re looking for love, there are some interesting possibilities for you when you’re in social situations. A friend could fix you up with a good match.

The full moon is on Friday, June 21. Tiger, there is some money to be made by paying attention to your investments, credit, and debt. You might be able to find lower interest rates and pay off debt more quickly. You might have an opportunity to gain funding for your business or education. An investment opportunity could come your way during this time.

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