Leo Monthly Love Horoscope for September 2022

Month of September 2022

Love is a lot more patient and prudent than you’re used to as the sun moves through responsible earth sign Virgo at the beginning of the month. Even if you feel like jumping into the deep end, slowly wading into the shallow part produces better results now.

Communication manager Mercury heads into another retrograde cycle while paired with partnership-oriented Libra on September 9, giving you some time to reassess and recalculate the relationships you’re currently in or thinking about getting into. Any action taken now might stall out, so be sure you’ve thought out a plan very carefully before executing it.

On the eighteenth, there’s a grounding sun-Pluto earth trine that can increase your confidence and remind you how much value you add to a relationship. Remember that your actions speak louder than words, Leo. Saying one thing and doing another makes you seem sus.

Balancing romance with the other areas of your life is your main focus as the sun enters fair-minded Libra and a new season begins with the fall equinox on September 22. For the next several weeks, a peaceful transition unfolds as you start looking for ways to bring harmony and equilibrium to current or budding partnerships.

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