Leo Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of February 2023

The sun, your powerful leader, gets into a tense square with erratic Uranus on February 3, which could lead to suspicion, confusion, and eventual disappointment. This isn’t the way you want to start a new month, but the Universe works in mysterious ways. And, unfortunately, trying to fight this unpredictable energy tends to make things worse.

You radiate charming big cat energy during the full moon in your ego-boosting first house on the fifth, however, which should help smooth things over quickly. If you have some lingering romantic issues to settle, you shouldn’t have a problem convincing anyone to agree with you during this lunation.

Communication flows freely when conversational Mercury drifts into open-minded Aquarius on February 11, sending you in search of other original thinkers and innovators. If your partner or date isn’t interested in talking about a broad range of topics, you’ll probably get bored.

Things take a sensitive turn when the sun links up with emotional water sign Pisces on the eighteenth, and you’ll definitely be more sympathetic and understanding to other people’s situations. Did you judge someone unfairly in the past? Maybe it’s time to give them another chance, Leo.

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