Leo Weekly Love Horoscope for the Week of November 27, 2022

Week of November 27, 2022

This is one of those years for you where you’ll be asked to really stand your ground and be absolutely blunt about what you want and need in relationships. You have very high expectations for your partnerships. If someone isn’t offering you the same energy in return, they are not worth your time at all. You might feel a bit more pensive or called towards seclusion, especially during the opposition between Mars retrograde and Mercury on the twenty-ninth.

However, your overall sunny nature will keep you feeling inspired throughout the celestial vibes this week. You’ll have a chance to revisit your past loves and reconnect with “the one that got away” during the Mars retrograde cycle in Gemini. Partners might have strong demand for your time as well. This can extend through the current Mars retrograde cycle.

The main lesson correlates with what you actually spend your time doing versus the dreams that you have felt inside of your soul. Your loved ones reflect exactly who you are at this time. How do they act as a mirror toward your overall romantic goals? Think about what you want and how you want to move toward it.

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