leo Weekly Love Horoscope for the Week of February 21, 2021

By Roya Backlund

Week of February 21, 2021 This Week

You may have trouble accepting your partner or a potential partner as this week gets going. On February 24, the moon in your first house of the self will oppose Saturn in your seventh house of relationships, which could put a lot of strain on your love life.

You may feel as though your partner isn’t living up to your expectations and it’s possible they may feel the same way about you. However, if you’re willing to accept that love is not about perfection, you’ll be able to see the beauty in your situation.

You may struggle to open your heart to someone by February 26. The full moon in your guarded second house will oppose Venus in your eighth house of merged energies, leaving you feeling unsure of whether you should allow yourself to be vulnerable with your lover. Keeping your cards close to your chest will protect you, but it will also leave you alone. Love requires you to take risks just as much as it requires you to be smart about who you trust.

All of these problems are surmountable. By February 28, the moon will enter your communication sector and encourage you to open up to your partner. Being honest and showing up for them can heal any wound, no matter how big.