October 2018: The Libra new moon on October 8 opens your relationship sector and welcomes new romantic opportunities and possibilities. It’s easier now to find a balance between your love life, career, and family, so if the timing for a new romance has been off recently, try again now.

A stressful Venus-Mars square on the tenth could create awkward energy between you and a current partner or crush, leading you to question whether you’re truly meant to be together. Don’t let doubt drive a wedge between you and someone else if it doesn’t belong there. If there’s a chance things can be saved, do the work.

October 15 brings a persuasive Mercury-Venus conjunction, and while talking someone into something is easy, is that how you want to get your way? Compromise and mutual satisfaction are better than using manipulative tactics.

When the sun travels into emotional Scorpio on the twenty-third, love is intense and passionate. You want to know all there is about a new crush or current partner, and your curiosity could cause you to overstep your bounds. Wanting to know more about someone isn’t a good enough reason for invading their privacy.

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