Month of Jan 2021: You aren’t often labeled the “responsible” one in your relationship, but you’re really stepping up your game with the sun in Capricorn to start the month. Even though you prefer spontaneity, you can even be convinced to (gasp!) plan ahead a little bit now! If you’re single but looking, this energy helps you date in an organized, structured way that can bring great results.

As your aggressive ruler Mars leaves your fiery sign and enters stubborn Taurus on January 6, you aren’t nearly as likely to lose your cool. It’s nice to have a conversation with your partner or potential lover without getting irritated and raising your voice, isn’t it?

A Venus-Mars trine on the ninth puts you in a very competitive mood, but love and war don’t mix on this occasion. If you challenge your partner to a game of any type, don’t place any bets on it. And if you’re single and trying to win someone’s heart, don’t let them see you trying too hard. Coming off as desperate isn’t attractive.

When the sun exits strict Capricorn and enters open-minded Aquarius on January 19, things could take a weird turn. You like to experiment and keep an open mind, but some things are too odd for you to consider. If you’re uncomfortable, Aries, say so.

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