aries Daily Horoscope for March 4, 2021

By Mackenzie Greer

March 4, 2021 Today

Thursday’s cosmic landscape is chock full of action, Aries. News-bringer Mercury spends the day in a close conjunction with aspirational Jupiter, potentially delivering big insights or important conversations concerning your work conditions or ambitions. Elsewhere, the sharp Scorpio moon urges for transformation and intimate encounters for the first half of the day before moving into optimistic, big-picture-seeing Sagittarius.

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Daily Love

Talk that talk, Aries. Your red-hot planetary ruler, Mars, enters intellectually driven Gemini in your third house of communication, thought process, and immediate circles today, energizing and revitalizing your exchanges with zest and vigor. And despite whether you're currently single or already taken, this aspect will automatically quench your curiosities and inquisitive nature. This means you're more likely to slide into your crush's DMs. What's even more interesting about this is that Gemini's ruler, Mercury, will simultaneously conjunct almighty Jupiter via your experimental eleventh house of associations, community, and all things unconventional. So, let's just say your text threads will be lit.

Daily Work

Ram, this is a powerful day regarding your network and industry relationships. The planet of communication, Mercury, is forming an exact connection with expansive Jupiter in the future-oriented sign of Aquarius. This is situated in your eleventh house and triggering influential conversations about a new opportunity that could help positively shift things with your income. Your growth past your current level is way overdue. It’s a time to go after your hopes, dreams, and wishes with vigor!

Daily Dating

Try your best not to jump into anything new today. You have to make sure you're still keeping up with everything left over from yesterday. If you get frustrated, just take a deep breath and keep it up.

Daily Bonus

Take comfort in your routines. Daily life helps steady and ground you right now.