aries Daily Horoscope for July 24, 2021

July 24, 2021

Saturday’s skies offer up a strange dose of magic and reality, Aries. The composed Aquarius moon merges with responsible Saturn, lowering energy levels and increasing seriousness around goal achievement. It’s an ideal day to chip away at your ambitions if you can harness the drive. Messenger Mercury connects with ethereal Neptune, creating a soothing environment for soulful conversations on the home front.

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Daily Love

Lean on your soul tribe for the support you need, Aries. The moon enters freedom-loving Aquarius today, activating your platonic eleventh house of associations, community, and sense of belonging in the world. Luna will be in harmony with the wounded healer, Chiron, amidst its retrograde journey through your sign. Have you been spending more time with your lover and neglecting your friends? Luna's square to Uranus challenges you to cultivate a healthy balance between your personal life and your social life. The moon's close proximity to Saturn could trigger feelings of restriction and/or limitation, but not if you can help it.

Daily Work

Prepare for a day filled with creative downloads and ideas, Aries. With Mercury, the planet of communication, linking in a trine to Neptune, the planet of artistry, you can dream up phenomenal visions to integrate into your business plans. You may even feel that you are drumming up unique thoughts while daydreaming, or even awaken from your slumber in the morning with a fresh perspective. Also, you will be able to connect with all of your business associates in a soft and caring way, which will easily allow them to accept your ideas.

Daily Dating

The phone is going to be ringing off the hook today, and you'll be thankful for the opportunity to catch up with friends you haven't talked to in a while. You have a lot to tell them.

Daily Bonus

It's an autopilot day. Things take care of themselves, and you can take it easy.