Aries Yearly Horoscope

Year of 2024

As the first sign of the zodiac, you’re often seen as a selfish lover, someone who is only out for yourself and who rushes into relationships without thinking things through. And while these things can be true, this year’s Saturn placement gives your love life a more compassionate energy that can take you in surprising new directions.

So, Aries, how much will Saturn’s pairing with gentle Pisces and your intuitive twelfth house really change your approach to love this year? Maybe not monumentally, but there will be important teachable moments. Perhaps the best thing this self-reflective planetary partnership does is stop you from moving too quickly. Rushing into the next hot romance is tempting and can definitely be fun, but this year is a good time to really think about the effect that going from one inconsequential relationship to the next has on your long-term well-being.

With that said, your first house of identity and self is alive with the sun’s vibrant energy during your birthday month between late March and late April, giving you the confidence to truly be yourself and approach your crush or a hot stranger and tell them exactly what you want. Your intense competitiveness is also in play now, which can “win” you the love of your life, but just make sure you really want what you’re going after. Sometimes you’re driven by the urge to win without really thinking about whether or not you want the actual trophy.

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