Dog Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Week of November 19, 2023

This week, you’re thinking ahead with others in mind.

The week begins on Sunday, November 19, with the Yin metal Snake day. Dog, you might be assisting your partner or a family member with their personal finances. You could sit down with them and go through their budget or help them resolve a tax issue. Conversations with older relatives about estate planning might also take place. Moreover, this is an opportune time to collaborate with family members on mutual investments.

The Yang wood Monkey day is Wednesday, November 22. Dog, you have numerous alliances. When you require assistance, people are prepared, willing, and able to be there for you. However, you sometimes hesitate to ask for help. This is an excellent time to contemplate the favors you could seek. And keep in mind that the person who gives is the one who establishes a bond. Therefore, permit some of your friends to form stronger bonds with you.

Friday, November 24, is the Yang fire Dog day. You exhibit enhanced coordination today, engaging in activities like throwing darts or playing pickleball. You might be painting a picture or practicing calligraphy. Dog, this is an advantageous time to refine your hand-eye coordination for a particular skill.


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