Horse Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Week of September 24, 2023 Last Week

This week, it’s time to celebrate!

The week begins on Sunday, September 24, with the Yin wood Rooster day. Horse, you might feel quite social today. Perhaps you’re gathering with your neighbors for a block party or joining a celebration at your church. There could even be a wedding on the agenda, followed by a lavish reception. This is a good day to attend a festival

The Yang earth Rat day is Wednesday, September 27. Horse, if you’re looking to strengthen your bond with your sweetheart, consider embarking on a fun project together. Painting a room or attending an art class to learn how to paint landscapes can be a delightful and insightful experience. You’ll discover more about each other and enhance your communication skills. And if you’re currently single, keep an eye out. This is also a great day to meet someone new.

Friday, September 29, is the Yang metal Tiger day. It is also the full moon. Horse, it seems you could be preparing for a journey. Double-check that you have your passport handy, get some cash if necessary, give your luggage a good dusting, and then purchase any essential items for your upcoming adventure.

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