Rat Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Week of May 26, 2024

This week, you’re on a spiritual treasure hunt.

The week begins on Sunday, May 26, with the Yang metal Tiger day. Rat, your mind is buzzing with activity. This is perfect if you are meticulously planning a podcast or brainstorming topics for a video channel. You could be fine-tuning your strategy, drafting content, or researching the latest trends in your niche. Whatever the task, your mind is primed and ready to tackle the challenges you face today.

The Yin water Snake day is Wednesday, May 29. Rat, you might experience vivid dreams and heightened awareness now. Your subconscious mind is quite active, and you might be receiving information all night long. Pay close attention to the symbols and themes in your dreams because these are messages. You might want to start a dream journal to record the information you receive.

Friday, May 31, is the Yin wood Goat day. Rat, you can have a delightful time with your partner by cooking together. You might get a meal kit with everything included for a gourmet supper. You could barbecue together and dine under the stars. Or you might dip strawberries in melted chocolate and have a sensual, memorable evening.

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