ox Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Week of January 22, 2023 This Week

This week, you can count your blessings. 

Sunday, January 22, is the new moon, and the year of the water Rabbit begins. Ox, the energy shifts and becomes much more harmonious for you. You might feel a new calmness and peace almost immediately. Now it’s time to slow down and take stock of what you achieved in the last year and start thinking about where you’re heading in 2023.

Monday, January 23, is the Yin metal Snake day. Ox, you might have a date with someone you like a great deal. This could be someone you just started dating, so it’s still fresh and new. You might be delighted by the little things they do. And you could go out of your way to be kind and cherish them. Today, you can count your blessings when it comes to a relationship.

The Yang wood Monkey day is Thursday, January 26. Ox, you’re a little jaded when it comes to a financial matter (with your finances in general). This means that you aren’t going to click on a bad link or fall for some sales pitch. You’re clear about what you want, and you’re patient enough to wait for a good deal.

Saturday, January 28, is the Yang fire Dog day, and Ox, you could connect to several others over social media. You might show them your sincere concern about what they’re going through. Or you might show solidarity as they meet a challenge head-on. It’s possible you’re consoling a friend and showing how much you appreciate them. Today, you’re passing good feelings forward.

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